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  1. My experience switching from shakehand to penhold

    You FH and BH strokes are already looking very solid, better than lots of CPen playing for years If you play with RPB with no TPB, you may try gluing your rubber all the way to the handle, almost leaving no gap in between. I have heard it has better leverage / grip and power on BH since your...
  2. Post your latest EJ purchase

    I started with a DHS 4 star racket when I am still in high school. Played till the rubber was completed dead and peeled it off and started just playing one-sided penhold. Then I assembled my first racket, I found an old Yasaka Extra paired it with Donic Baracuda on forehand and Xiom Asia on...
  3. Post your latest EJ purchase

    It is about 90g, looking forward to trying more Yasaka rubber in the future like razka 7, razka z hard. 729 battle II / skyline II in the future. Haven't assemble the racket yet as I am still struggling to find anyone to play. I am just returning to TT and I used to play it every single day...
  4. Post your latest EJ purchase

    all Yasaka setup
  5. Recommendations for CPEN blade

    I believe It's still selling in China? is listed as the official online retailer on Butterfly official website. But Taksim too thick (7.1mm) to play RPB, it is best suited for one sided C-Pen.
  6. Recommendations for CPEN blade

    Yasaka Penhold handles are slimer and more comfy than Butterfly and Stiga if you have smaller hands. Regular YEO can definitely satisfy the needs of an amateur player. In China, they also have YEO Pro (red) and YEO Pro (black) which have better material, finishing and heavier than (Pro Black is...
  7. Just curious how many Penholders are on TTD?

    Armstrong grip sheet (269 yen) may solve your problem, but it is hard to find outside of Japan Wang Hao' racket He actually sanded down the rubber on the back to have better grip I have seen Chinese people used a random plastic sheet and cut open a rectangle area, and sand down the area that...
  8. Has anyone tried Yasaka Rising Dragon?

    Thanks for the advice but it is a little bit pricey, for the same price, I can get a Rakza 7 or Stiga DNA here in Hong Kong.
  9. Has anyone tried Yasaka Rising Dragon?

    I have considered Chinese rubber like the 729 battle II blue sponge, but after reading reviews, quality of Chinese rubbers is very inconsistent. I actually like my all Yasaka set-up. Eager to try Skyline II blue sponge and booster when I have the budget and time.
  10. Has anyone tried Yasaka Rising Dragon?

    So they were selling fake Yasaka rubber to you? That's rare for them to replicate Yasaka product because they are not popular at all.
  11. Has anyone tried Yasaka Rising Dragon?

    Maybe it is discontinued in regions outside of Japan? It is still up on the product page of Yasaka Japan and I can easily get it off Amazon JP with plenty of stock.
  12. Has anyone tried Yasaka Rising Dragon?

    Just returning to TT after a long break, I need some advice on my penhold set-up. The blade and the backhand rubber are pretty much set. I am struggling to find a forehand rubber for YEO, I have heard the Stiga DNA dragon grip is the best alternative to H3 without needing booster but it is...
  13. FS: Maze Performance and Maze Advance

    Maze Advance FL- 79g (SOLD) Maze Advance FL- 81g (SOLD) Maze Performance FL- 86g (Serial number "S", 2018 stock) Condition: Brand new, bought from Japan weight may vary +/- 0.5g due to humidity Can request for more pictures DM for further discussion Price: Maze Advance: USD55 / £44.39 /...
  14. Top 10 best-selling inverted rubber and blade in Japan August 2023

    Mark V is the rubber J-Pen player prefers.
  15. Top 10 best-selling inverted rubber and blade in Japan August 2023

    I don’t know, it has to be up there with the korbel / Maze in order to be no.1