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  1. Aurus prime vs EL-S

    Yeah, actually not very good but soso. It was made for femle players.
  2. Tibhar MX-D

    Thats not so much nowadays, with Yazaka Z on 53 degrees, feel like 48, and Raxa Hard at 58 degrees, felt like 54. This is the step if they keep draw the speed down the hole time
  3. Nittaku Septear Lead - is this blade suitable?

    Its a very good blade for those that plays a spinoffensive game
  4. Nittaku Septear Lead - is this blade suitable?

    I love this blade. I pair with new Rakza Z 50 degrees, and im a spinplayer, and never ever have had more spin than now. But it worked well with new Nittaku Sieger PK 50 also! Nittaku Septear Lead has sold enourmus amounts, and i asked TT11 how many they have in stock, because i want one more...
  5. Nittaku Septear Lead - is this blade suitable?

    The best there is. Use thick rubbers!
  6. Nittaku Septear Lead - is this blade suitable?

    TT11 has not discounted them. Then ill be sick!
  7. Nittaku Septear Lead - is this blade suitable?

    Its the best there is for spin and feeling. I have G1 on Fh and MX-p on backhand, this is top 5 among those 98 blades i have tried. 85 gram Hiso-Kinoki And its kind of weird if Nittaku should have discounted it, because two weeks ago there where a sign saying Bestseller(!) on an ad for it.
  8. If Adidas P7 makes a comeback....

    P7 I had. It ra ised my game right on, and many thousands others. I probably had bought it to see how it stands against the current ones, Many, many people plays Rakza 7 still, and they were pretty close each other. I dont think it would rise my level now, but it has done so much for me...
  9. Help with 50+ degree rubbers

    Top 10 most sold rubbers in Asia Yes, Yasaka can. Mark V has existed like60 years, still on every 1-10 list! Take a look at the top 10 list of sold rubbers in Asia: My favorite top the list month after month 2 Butterflys, and 05 at 6th place 4...
  10. Larc-2019a

    Its a flop. Hardly anyone have bought it, and it is not a good rubber, miles from Evolution in all aspects.
  11. Loki Rubbers

    Rxton 1 is made for kids as their first rubber. The whole point of the Rxton-series is that you can go from 1 then 3, then 5 that is for experienced players.. And Yes, Wang Hao is technical consult and helps developing the rubbers. GTX IS made in Germany, so is their top-series, Arthur, with...
  12. Help about new rubbers

    Yasaka Rakza 7 or Rakza 7 soft 1,8. There you have it!
  13. LOKI TableTennis

    Here is a review on those rubbers, in polish, but you can put textin english on. Quite the boring review... but still!
  14. LOKI TableTennis

    Its cost 60 dollars here in Sweden on Lokis homepage:
  15. LOKI TableTennis

    Their top of the range is a gem
  16. LOKI TableTennis

    I liked the number 2 best
  17. LOKI TableTennis

    GTX is a good rubber, made in Germany, for the new 40+ ball. It has a little sticky surface,but plays like a Euro rubber. Good for loop,smashing and blocking, but maintain a good level of control. Interesting brand, with Wang Hao as the frontman.
  18. LOKI TableTennis

    This is Wang Haos new brand. Tested alot of these stuff and the Red Flame blade is among the best blades i have ever tested. A rosewood with exceptional feeling and god speed. And you have right. Many has commented the likenessbetween God Of War and Timo Boll ALC...
  19. Help with 50+ degree rubbers

    Yes, this is true. Noticed ofor example on R47, when you really comes up in that highest potential spin is schockingly good There are rubbers that are better than other for brushing spin, and different kinds of spin. Chinese Mechanical spin etcetra.