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  1. Mizuno Wave Medal 4 v. Mizuno Wave Drive 7 n

    Bought mizuno wave drive 6 last fall, but the inside of the ball of the foot is already worn down and doesn't provide reliabe grip for braking and turning. Am I doing my footwork wrong, or is the wave drive 6's sole not that suitable for table tennis?
  2. Chinese Trials for World Championships 2017

    Some insight on the vexed topic of excessive screaming from the CNT themselves.
  3. Just curious how many Penholders are on TTD?

    dunno if chitchat or here yesterday, I forgot my entire bag with my TT stuff (or rather it was locked by mistake in our training hall) for an away team game. Everyone had to donate pieces of clothing and shoes and a racket for me, and I played so awkwardly and bad using someone else's shakehand...
  4. Just curious how many Penholders are on TTD?

    It's not. RBP seems be hard to learn and only excepionally talented and dedicated athletes can bring it to a competitive level. With the same time and effort, they could have progressed better on shakehand techniques, that's what all chinese coaches and even top penholders say. From my limited...
  5. Just curious how many Penholders are on TTD?

    are you me? Stopped at 12 with SH, restarted at 26 with cpen. RPB comes kinda naturally, but I suck at forehand because muscle memory messes with me.
  6. Non-Chinese in Super

    Miu Hirano, too
  7. Just curious how many Penholders are on TTD?

    as a fairly beginner kinda player, I'd like to ask for advice on my grip. I tend to grip the bat real tight, as in both index finger joints are on the board (pic below). That way, the (somewhat heavy) bat doesn't feel like flying away everytime I do a bigger swing, and backhand strokes are...
  8. Just curious how many Penholders are on TTD?

    I was referring to using the forehand side for any backhand stroke, but mostly the block and punch. As for strategy, a good placement game is a nice thing to have indeed. Was just saying, I suck at this serve: So in order to get the same kinda spin, I do this reverse pendulum serve instead...
  9. Just curious how many Penholders are on TTD?

    ah, meant to say lobbing game. I just have no idea where and how to hit the ball using the TPB. Usually, my attempts at lobbing on the BH side drift left (as a right handed player) One downside of missing TPB that I felt was, that the backhand push, which is played with the FH side, doesn't...
  10. Just curious how many Penholders are on TTD?

    Fairly new player, started 4 years ago with C-Pen and RBP. I can't for my life do a TPB block, which becomes troublesome when trying to play the fishing defense.
  11. Daily Table Tennis Chit Chat

    did the chopper always play the same game? Chopping game kinda relies on your opponent, too. An opponent who generates high spin will be fed his own spin right back, and weaker players maybe give him less to work with and he's not used to that? Have you had a chat with the chopper, and ask him...
  12. 2016 Asia VS Europe All-Stars Challenge

    too bad there wasn't a Chen Weixin vs Joo game, would have been quite curious to watch one.
  13. Rio Olympics 2016 (Singles Event) final match warmup
  14. Rio Olympics 2016 (Singles Event)

    Too bad Poland wang zhenyi is out already. I'd have enjoyed seen his short pips forehand penhold style for a bit longer in the Olympics
  15. Olympic Legends vs Brazil Stars 2016

    The double looked funny with two lefties vs two righties
  16. Olympic Legends vs Brazil Stars 2016

    Will there be singles and a double, like in the Olympic team event?
  17. explain this

    Some marketing jargon and something about handmade and less pointy than the industrially made models...
  18. Tomokazu Harimoto: a future star or a reality?

    Well, I kinda can see the reasoning behind this procedure. The assumption probably goes like this: The mental toughness thing is too complicated to explain to kids, so first we implement the tools for mental toughness and positive self-suggestion (aka annoying shouting), and when kids grow up...
  19. Tomokazu Harimoto: a future star or a reality?

    A rate constellation. Parenting that stays kinda true to the chinese training system in a less restricted Japanese environment. As for the shouting, thats actually how kids in Chinese TT are instructed at first. It's maybe some sort of 'brain-washing', implementing that mental self-suggestion...
  20. Need Translation .. maybe You can do it

    My sloppy translation There we go, I hope it's about 95% accurate.