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  1. Jun mizutani blade

    the one in the link is the same as the old one except they changed the handle design. you can tell by the white stripe instead of yellow
  2. Men's World Cup 2015

    dont think they specifically state it anywhere but the ball is technically still in play even if it breaks upon impact hence still being part of the rally therefore section cant really apply cos thats when the playing conditions are impacted
  3. Men's World Cup 2015

    its still part of the point so its not a let. thats just the rules
  4. Is this Viscaria real?

    its real but be careful of shipping from megaspin to australia. its like a ridiculous amount so after conversion and everything youre better off buying from somewhere in australia. unless you can go overseas or know someone who can bring it back for you
  5. DHS Malong W968 Blade

    Ive never mentioned anything about counterfeits. the replicas of w968 and w997s are still produced by DHS or what not but they are more commercialised. What you are comparing is like comparing a normal commercial butterfly blade for example your JM to a butterfly blade when you call up butterfly...
  6. Equipment Advice (Under $100 U.S.)

    another option is just boosting the cheaper rubbers. adding the elasticity and spring hence more power to your shots :D
  7. What TT case/bag do you use?

    i dont think its only cases you are obsessed with judging from your edge tape collection and all of your collections :P hahah im using a nittaku hard case and that seems to be treating me quite well
  8. DHS Malong W968 Blade

    I never said that it was fake :p just mentioned the commercial replicas and the actual custom made thing because that tends to be the difference in price etc. if you go onto mytabletennis you can actually see people 'punching on' about this topic due to heaps of misconceptions (quite a good...
  9. DHS Malong W968 Blade

    As he stated, its a custom made blade compared to HH3 which is a commercial blade so i dont agree how you can compare it. its like trying to buy a butterfly blade at the price of a yinhe (who tends to replicate blades) Im sure you have seen all the debate on the privately made DHS national...
  10. massive announcement in 2 days?

    damnn that attention to detail though :p
  11. massive announcement in 2 days?

    where did you find details on the specs? :O
  12. massive announcement in 2 days?

    thats why i say its beautiful :p its simple yet effective. the blue and white makes it stand out. its not fancy like the zhang jike series but not too simple like the garaydia. just something about it that catches the eye
  13. massive announcement in 2 days?

    theres more pics on the fb link he posted
  14. massive announcement in 2 days?

    that kenta blade actually looks beautiful
  15. Easy point against pimples player

    its probably because you are putting it short for them hence they can push anymore, if you push deep and long into the pimples, they wont have much time or room to do weird angles hence return a nice soft ball to you
  16. Easy point against pimples player

    all i tend to do is long backspin or long flat deep into the pimples side, this is so they cant loop it or drop shot it, then the next ball is pretty much a free loop and so on remembering that each time they hit with pimples it reverses spin. when I loop however i would aim for their pips-in...
  17. What is the Best 40+ Plastic Ball

    Normally the ref calls it a let but when a pro was observing one of the games that it happened, they said that it was still counted as a point as the ball was still in play and bounced. something along those lines
  18. What is the Best 40+ Plastic Ball

    if the ball breaks during mid point it is not a let because its part of the play/point
  19. What is the Best 40+ Plastic Ball

    From playing with them ever since they came out, the NP40+ sound and feel the closest to the old celluloid but since they are impossible to get nearly, never really played a whole competition night with one. What tends to be used most commonly are Nittaku SHAs which i believe for a poly ball...
  20. Yuya Oshima - Future of japanese table tennis?

    I'm not sure if you understood what I meant but what i meant is he prefers playing back looping etc but he has a habit of just stepping back and blocking (as in he is clearly in control of the point with a few slow loops and then suddenly he stops attacking and steps back) if that makes any seense