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  1. Rare Table Tennis Gifs and Photos

    CCTV Sports Personality of the Year Awards
  2. China Trials for WTTTC 2014

    As far as I know, next round will be played with 7 players only. They are Ma Long, Xu Xin, Fan Zhendong, Yan An, Liang Jingkun, Hao Shuai and Wang Hao (Ranking: #2 ~ #8). It will take place on 24 Feb to 27 Feb 2014.
  3. Zhang Jike and Ma Long Watch Basketball

    Zhang Jike and Ma Long are really good buddies.
  4. Why is Zhang Jike getting injured so often?

    The announcement did happen about 21:00 Beijing Time or earlier (but not earlier than 17:00). The match between Shandong and Shanghai started at 19:30 and completed at about 21:30. Alborz, you are not wrong.
  5. Why is Zhang Jike getting injured so often?

    I would say shoulder and lower back injuries are old friends of ZJK. Such the bad friends often came to bother him, NOT ONLY came after London Olympics. Of course I know ZJK said that his training was not systematic. He was arranged to attend many programs or events. Therefore, I was not...
  6. Why is Zhang Jike getting injured so often?

    ZJK is an explosive type of player so that he gets injured easily. LGL ever said that ZJK’s explosive power often far exceeded his own expectations. That was why he injuried himself easily. Coach Xiao Zhan ever said that, in order to participating London Olympics, ZJK put a lot of...
  7. Why is Zhang Jike getting injured so often?

    Regarding to “the story of ZJK”, it is unfair to Zhang Jike. He has no chance of self- defense. How can we be sure that it is a true story? I just want to say don’t trust the media easily, e.g. news from Sohu Sports, Sina Sports...etc. They are good at making up story. ZJK never seriously take...
  8. China Super League 2013 (CTTSL)

    Pictures 2013.09.25 Round 15 - PLA vs Shandong 2013.09.25 Round 15 - Ningbo vs Jiangsu 2013.09.25 Round 15 - Tianjin vs Bazhou 2013.09.29 Round 16 - Shanghai vs PLA 2013.09.29 Round 16 - Shandong vs Ningbo
  9. East Asian Games 2013

    The reason is that CCTV5 didn't broadcast the final matches.
  10. China Super League 2013 (CTTSL)

    Pictures 2013.09.18 Round 13 - Ningbo vs Bazhou 2013.09.18 Round 13 - Shanghai vs Tianjin 2013.09.18 Round 13 - Sichuan vs PLA 2013.09.22 Round 14 - PLA vs Ningbo 2013.09.22 Round 14 - Shandong vs Sichuan
  11. China Super League 2013 (CTTSL)

    The 17th round of matches will be played on 16 Oct, 2013. (not 10 Oct, 2013)
  12. China Super League 2013 (CTTSL)

    Pictures 2013.06.23 Round 2 - Shandong vs Jiangsu 2013.06.26 Round 3 - Ningbo vs Sichuan 2013.06.26 Round 3 - Tianjin vs Shandong 2013.07.10 Round 4 - Tinajin vs Shanghai 2013.07.14 Round 5 - Ningbo vs PLA 2013.07.17 Round 6 - Jiangsu vs Ningbo 2013.07.17 Round 6 - Shandong...
  13. Chinese National Games 2013

    Pictures (2013.09.10) better late than never........:rolleyes:
  14. Chinese National Games 2013

    Tell you a bad news, ZJK still not recovered from his shoulder injury. In an interview after the match, he said he still felt pain in his right shoulder.
  15. Chinese National Games 2013

    Pictures (1 Sep & 2 Sep 2013)
  16. Is Zhang Jike scared of Ma Long?

    This is NOT an insult to Wang Hao. See this video, ZJk explained why he wanted to play against Ma Long.