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  1. Butterfly FZD ALC - first impressions.

    Is it easier to block or BH fast attack with viscaria or fzd alc?
  2. Blade for Tibhar EL-P

    Primorac? :) I know it is marked as OFF- but I think it will fit to EL-P
  3. Fan Zhendong blade series!!

    I do not understand your point of view. Apart from the fact that most of the players who have a blade signed with their name do not play exactly with the blade that is sold in stores, in my opinion what Butterfly has done with a series of Fan Zhendong, Timo Boll, Zhang Jike and Tomokazu Harimoto...
  4. Fan Zhendong blade series!!

    It's a shame that there is no version with ZLF fiber, only CNF. In my opinion ZLF is such a nice fiber, I hope they will make more blades with it like Timo Boll ZLF.
  5. Where to buy Butterfly joo sae hyuk blade

    From second hand, this blade is no longer produced, its successor is the Butterfly Diode V blade
  6. Difference between Joola tables

    By referring to the ITTF - equipment website, all JOOLA tables that have an expiry date lose their approval at 31st December of 2024 so basically You can use them since 2025. I don't know if this approval can be renewed, probably yes.
  7. Difference between Joola tables

    If it has an ITTF certificate, it is probably the same top with a different folding system as in the Butterfly tables. Butterfly offers many tables with the ITTF certificate with the same top, each with a different folding system and each with a different price. Just make sure the table You are...
  8. Lifespan of the blades

    I dont see correlation between blade wear and the location of carbon layers in it. Also unfortunately I don't know if limba is going to wear out faster than koto but koto is harder than limba and usually the harder wood is more durable than the softer one but once again, I don't know.
  9. Lifespan of the blades

    Blade is not a rubber, it does not wear out. Some people say that blades lose their speed over time because we use water based glue to glue the rubbers, and you don't need to be an expert to figure out that water doesn't work very well with wood. Nevertheless, I believe that if you have blade...
  10. Baracuda, EL-S, FX-S, Rakza 7 soft or Xiom Vega series?

    Did you consider trying out Tenergy 05-FX or Tenergy 19? I think it would be rational if you are looking for something similar to Tenergy 05 but easier to control. Also I dont recommend FX-S, I tried it out on my BH and I completely did not like it, I felt that to hit correctly with this rubber...
  11. Blaszczyk Lucjan (Poland)

    I had the pleasure to talk to Mr. Lucjan during the tournament few years ago, a very positive person and of course a great player.
  12. Need help to choose a Tenergy 05 alternative

    I played with Tenergy 05 on BH and found it too bouncy. Now I play with MX-P (Not only on BH but also on FH) which is a little bit harder than 05 and it is much more comfortable for me. I also ,,tested" FX-S rubber before MX-P and it was even worse than 05 for my BH so I suggest You to try...
  13. Hurricane 8 difference between red and black rubber

    Hello, Few years ago I heard, that hurricane 3 is better, when it is black. The red rubber was supposed to be stiffer and that was the reason why a lot of players are using hurricane 3 black on fh and red on bh. I want to try other hurricane, hurricane 8 and my question is: Is there a difference...
  14. re-visiting Neo Hurricane 3, provincial 37 and 38 degree

    Honestly I dont see point of playing without boosting hurricane 3. This rubber must be boosted even a little bit because without it, it feels like stone without any responsivness.
  15. Unusual or strange things about Hurricane Long 5x

    Thanks for answers guys. Could one of You please send the dimensions of your long 5? I mean dimensions of blade without handle at the widest and longest point.
  16. Unusual or strange things about Hurricane Long 5x

    Hello, since 4-5 months I am looking to buy myself a new blade and I came across many products but it seems like it stopped on HL5X. I already made a topic (or even two) about this blade and King III version (sorry for little spam :/) but today I want to ask somebody who is using hl5 or hl5x did...
  17. Stiga Dynasty Carbon, Opinions and similar blades

    Hello Guys, I would like to ask You about your opinions on Stiga Dynasty Carbon Xu Xin edition blade. I watched a video on TTD channel and I am interested in buying one for myself. Is somebody here using this blade or ex user? Also how does this blade compare to blades like Butterfly Innerforce...
  18. Donic Acuda S2 vs Donic Jp03 for fh

    One thing I want to mention (a little bit off topic) is that Acuda ,,S'' series was made for 40 mm balls, for plastic ones is Acuda Blue ,,P" series. I am not sure but jp03 is probably a rubber targeted on plastic balls. I dont want to say that You cant use Acuda S series with plastic balls but...