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  1. Help me choose a new blade

    difficult to find, and i need an spare racket because of the national competitions. and the hurricane hao 2 are out of the budget, i forget to mention the budget.
  2. Help me choose a new blade

    hi everyone, long time since i get engaged on the forum. i need help to choose a blade in 2022 i ve used DHS Hurricane HAO 656 who a friend gave me. but sadly in march the blade broke on the handle and on some parts of the top ply. i tested some blades like: ma lin carbon, ma lin extra...
  3. Viscaria alternatives

    i tested yinhe pro 01 and viscaria with the same rubbers: dhs hurricane 3 commercial 39deg at the same time, side to side. for me, pro 01 have more control, is slower. viscaria requires more of my touch, my feeling because is faster like 20% for me. viscaria have an especial quick, help me...
  4. Anybody else's rubber struggling with the humidity?

    in my experience: dhs h3 suffer the most in humidity conditions like the ball just fall of the rubber is quite ironic because is tacky lol. fastarc g1 is good at this aspect, is been two national tournaments on humid conditions and my bh stayed consistent. i just wipe with my shirt and is...
  5. Dynaryz ZGR vs Rakza Z Extra Hard

    guys i think this is might be helpful on searching hardness of topsheet this guys only use the durometer shore a in topsheet as you can see, the omega vii hyper has a 34 hardness topsheet wich is the same to mxp, the diference on sponge hardness is 55...
  6. Tenergy 05 or 05fx?

    even some top players from my local use soft rubbers on bh, is not a matter of level and yes the playstyle, even kreanga used 05fx. soft rubbers are just more control oriented on most cases.
  7. Tenergy 05 or 05fx?

    you are right but i not used this topic because 05fx not feel mushy for the most people, is more hardish feel but still soft rubber. if we talk about other rubbes i think is more mushy x hardish
  8. Tenergy 05 or 05fx?

    soft rubber (t05fx) allow more control in general aspects but especially on blocks and away from table defense, also flat hits like backhand punch (this stroke: and is more easier to generate spin but not have the same amount of spin as a harder rubber...
  9. Reviews on Yasaka Goiabao 5?

    Hi everyone, looking for some reviews on this 5ply!
  10. US Open 2022

    Congratulations for the 1st place! Nice to see you again in national tournaments Victor, penholders unit!
  11. Life, Existence, and the Meaning of Long Pips - The Opus Maximus of James Z

    Jpen blades are more offensive because of this shape and is more fast than normal blades, is difficult to see a 5ply wood control jpen blade, most of them are 1ply hinoki or carbon based. You can see: a 90g 1ply hinoki blade with a rubber on just one side, this is designed to be fast and...
  12. Opinion on equipment

    i agree with yall, Yasaka Sweden Extra have a nice control, until the time you discover your playstyle you can use this blade, this blade allow you to play deffensive and offensive so is nice. for the rubbers i usually suggest for begginers DHS Hurricane 3 Commercial 40 degress on FH Palio AK47...
  13. Upgrading chinese rubbers

    yes. i have a partner who haves a nittaku h3 blue sponge and is like 80-85g per sheet this is too heavy, booster can give more 2-3g and some glues 1g but most of glues not gain this.
  14. Any Tibhar Hybrid K2 users?

    did you have tested? if yes, im looking to 729 B2 Provincial BS too, quite cheap and is an option can you compare Vega China and this rubber?
  15. Upgrading chinese rubbers

    is like Michael said, the only thing i saw about NEO x non-NEO is the NEO versions are slighty softer on the same hardness like 2%-3% this is probably because of the factory tune.
  16. Upgrading chinese rubbers

    interesting, personally the most people i see using chinese rubbers use the provincial because of the higher qc. the sheets are not too different from each others
  17. Upgrading chinese rubbers

    if you are really into chinese rubbers, get the provincial.
  18. Any Tibhar Hybrid K2 users?

    Interesting, here i can buy a sheet of K2 on aliexpress for 190BRL and K3 for 340BRL on local stores, in aliexpress K3 is on 400BRL which is a huge difference TT11 only imports to Brazil 100 euros or more so i cannot buy...
  19. Any Tibhar Hybrid K2 users?

    Looking for some reviews on K2 on forehand, i tried some hybrids before like Joola Dynaryz ZGR and Rhyzen ZGR but the 57,5 degress of Dynaryz an way too hard on passive strokes and the 54-55 degress of Rhyzen is good but lack tackiness and have some short arc, the ball is always on the middle of...
  20. Do you counterloop your opponents opening loop?

    Michael, i play on national tournaments, on U19 and U21. Sometimes (mostly) if i not counterattack a ball who comes in my forehand i will receive a 140km/h forehand straight to the table and my face :) I practice on group so is common on our practices if the ball comes into forehand, we will...