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  1. Equipment you want Dan and Tom to review?

    I would love to see them review some Gambler, Neotec, and Dr. Neubauer stuff. Really interested in those brands.
  2. Your Favorite Inner Carbon Blade - SURVEY

    Surprised more people haven’t mentioned Hurricane 301. I didn’t like it like I thought I would. I do, however, love my Ovtcharov Innerforce ALC.
  3. Why were the rubbers black and red in the first place?

    Red, the blood of angry men! Black, the dark of ages past! Red, a world about to dawn! Black, the night that ends at last! That’s why.
  4. Hurricane 3 neo

    Yeah, I was being sarcastic. I forgot to use the sarcasm font. With that said though, I only buy Hurricane in black, but that’s because I prefer my forehand rubber to be black, regardless of make.
  5. Hurricane 3 neo

    Oh no, everyone knows that the Black Hurricanes are better!
  6. DAN PLAYS REAL MATCH! | TableTennisDaily Team | Ep 8

    Again and as always, amazing video. Each one seems better than the last. I’ve got a couple of questions though. What day of the week do you guys play leagues? I’m assuming Saturday. What is the time difference between the match and upload?
  7. best blade (budget 50-70$)

    Xiom Offensive S. Just slapped on some Vega X on one of those bad boys and I’m loving it.
  8. Stretching to avoid stress in leg muscles.

    Correct. That’s why I said toe raises. Helps with the shin. Icing after you play wouldn’t be a bad idea. I still say work on strengthening the muscles around the knee, especially your stabilizing muscles. And yeah, stretch and warm up well. Flexibility is just as important as the strength.
  9. Stretching to avoid stress in leg muscles.

    Lunges and squats should help strengthen the muscles around the knee. Do toe raises and calf raises for the lower muscles. Am I an expert? No. But I was/am an avid runner so lower leg pain is common to me.
  10. Stiff and soft blade?

    Stiga Allround NCT, possibly? I’ve played with it before and didn’t like it because it felt stiff.
  11. Help with a downgrade from Timo Boll ALC to an All wood blade

    Agreed, and I think that's the lure of faster blades and rubber (the reward of being in position to make that great shot). At the end of the day, it's all about skill level. I know I'm not at a level where the reward of the offensive blade is worth sacrificing the control and feedback of the...
  12. Help with a downgrade from Timo Boll ALC to an All wood blade

    For me, the gain in control isn't in offensive shots. If we train, we can all probably play those with an Allround Classic or a Zhang Jike SZLC. For me, it's added control in blocking when I'm out of position or don't read the opponent the right way. It's added control if my blade angle isn't...
  13. USATT Charging a fee to view rating

    When I read it, I understood it to mean you'd have to pay $25 if you weren't an active member. So as long as you have an active membership, you can still see it. "Individual rating display...will only be available to current USATT members." "The new ratings access subscription will have no...
  14. Help with a downgrade from Timo Boll ALC to an All wood blade

    From what I've read/heard/understand... Butterfly Korbel or Primorac Yasaka Sweden Extra Don't have much experience with Joola Donic (Name a player) Senso For what it's worth, I did the same thing almost a year ago. Switched from a carbon blade to all wood, for the exact same reasons. Not...
  15. What did I do wrong at boosting?

    I just boosted a sheet. Same thing. What I usually do is keep the freshly glued rubber and blade under a stack of books for a day or so. Then I always use edge tape. That helps a lot.
  16. Timo Boll vs Michael Maze | 2020 | Champions League

    Timo clearly spent some time on his Amicus to prep for this match.
  17. Is genuine?

    Bumping this thread because I’m considering placing an order. Not on their national or used stuff so I’m not worried about that. What about the legitimacy of some of their other stuff? Paddle cases, balls, shirts, etc. I’ve ordering li-Ning shirts from eBay before and I’m 99% positive they’re...
  18. It Doesn’t Always go to Plan… | TableTennisDaily Team | Ep 4

    Give us more! Can’t get enough of these episodes.
  19. TableTennisDaily Team | Ep 3 | Can they handle the heat

    Dan, where can we get that cho cho cho shirt? Great series as well!