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  1. Anybody tried the Joola Energon or Nobilis?

    Cool. I've just bought the Joola TPE Perform, and will try it out for the first time in a few weeks.
  2. Anybody tried the Joola Energon or Nobilis?

    Looks like these would be good ones to review Dan! ;)
  3. Anybody tried the Joola Energon or Nobilis?

    I'm looking at potentially trying a new blade after the season ends in April/May, most likely get another Joola blade as I like the handles (currently use a Joola K7). I'm looking for something with a bit more feel/control to it than my Joola K7, without losing too much pace. Has anybody tried...
  4. Reducer booster absorption time?

    cool, so it doesn't reduce the effectiveness of the booster by gluing on early?
  5. Reducer booster absorption time?

    Ahh the book tip may come in very useful if it didn't flatten out quick enough, thanks. Have you tried anything else to make it flatten out quicker?
  6. Reducer booster absorption time?

    I see you use the Provincial version of the H3 Neo. Is there much difference between this and the cheap commercial version?
  7. Reducer booster absorption time?

    Can you reduce booster absorption time? I've been looking into potentially boosting my Neo H3. I've seen Falco Tempo long booster is quite popular and lasts for 2-3 months. Those of you who have used it, does it actually last this long? The worry I have with this is I've seen you have to apply...
  8. Blades with same handle as Joola Flame

    Ahh nice, thanks, so I'm probably safe trying any of the Joola blades.
  9. Blades with same handle as Joola Flame

    Hi all, May be a bit of a long shot, but does anybody know any blades that have the same handle as the Joola Flame series? My Flame extreme broke whilst playing last night and they don't make it anymore, absolutely love the handle on it (flared). Thanks.
  10. Tenergy 25 compared to Tenergy 05?

    Hi, I'm possibly looking to try Tenergy 25 on both sides. I've used 05 quite a bit so does anybody have any opinions on how it plays compared to that in terms of speed, spin, and control?
  11. Commonwealth Games 2014

    Are they using the new ball?
  12. Maze carbon alternatives.

    Try one of the Adidas blades. I've got the Fibretec Extreme and love it. They're really well made and I've never used something so quick with such a good feel to it.
  13. Choosing Table Tennis Shoes

    I've got some Carlton badminton shoes which are really good, and bright yellow which is a bonus. Any badminton shoes should do the trick as they're light. Avoid TT makes because most of them break quite easily. I had some Adidas ones before which were really good.
  14. Best rubbers for plastic Ball

    I use tenergy 05 and Joola Maxxx, which are both hard rubber and got plenty of spin and control. Mind you I hate soft rubbers with a passion and have never got on well with them. Can't see many local leagues taking it on this year. I imagine the GP entries in the UK will be well down as they're...
  15. Best rubbers for plastic Ball

    Yeah that's exactly the sort of rubbish they spout to try to sell more.
  16. Best rubbers for plastic Ball

    I don't see any reason to change straight away, would take plenty of time practicing with the new ball before making a decision and it's going to be very dependent on your only style of game. May lead to people going for quicker bats to try to get back some of the power. I would ignore any of...
  17. TIBHAR 40 +SYN TT First Impressions

    It does vary as with the existing ball, I meant that it feels easier to read and it does what you expect it to. With the existing ball you tend to get some dodgey bounces and sometimes it skids on the table, the new one didn't do that at all.
  18. TIBHAR 40 +SYN TT First Impressions

    Feels slightly heavier to hit, but barely any difference. Definitely less spin, which is most noticeable on service and return, but doesn't make it harder to keep the ball on the table as the slower speed means it has a similar arc when hitting top spins. Gladly it doesn't sound much different...
  19. TIBHAR 40 +SYN TT First Impressions

    I tried the new Tihbar ITTF approve 40+ ball on Sunday. It basically feels like a slower easier game. Yes there is definitely less spin, but this is relative to the slower speed and results in a very similar arc and bounce to previous balls, just at a bit of a slower pace. The bounce seems more...
  20. Anyone used an Adidas Blade?

    Got the Adidas Fibretec Extreme and love it. Got the pace of my Joola Flame Extreme, but with a much better feel and more control.