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  1. Chinese rubbers

    ok buddy calm down
  2. Training 10 years old son at home

    Nice mate! Hope all goes well
  3. Critique my technique, footwork, serves etc.

    1. Legs aren’t bent. Bend them and try to keep your body weight forward. 2. You lean backward when playing a FH topspin. You’ve gotta lean more forward or you’ll easily lose your balance. 3. Too much reliance on your arm. For practicing using your core I would recommend keeping your arm how you...
  4. Equipment downgrade to upgrade skill

    Also i had been looking into a VKMO or a BTY Diode V but due to the price i haven’t been able to make up my mind, (i’m still a student and don’t get paid much even for casual work) Also chop on both sides sorry for not clarifying around bh/fh 60/40 but i do prefer chopping with forehand.
  5. Equipment downgrade to upgrade skill

    so, my favourite player is suh hyowon won. and i play modern defence, but the thing is even though i twiddle and do attack a lot, my attack has gone down in power and spin, in order to increase my attacking strength i decided to make another bat that’s rock hard so i could practice attacking...
  6. Equipment downgrade to upgrade skill

    Playing style: Defensive Best Shots: Over the table backhand flick, Backhand drive, Forhand loop and drive, Chopping on fh and backhand. I used to have a KTL instinct+ with Mark V both sides, but then a coach came up to me and told me he’d coach me for free if I’d play modern defence. I took the...
  7. New Equipment (Rubbers & Blades) 2020

    Ooh maybe because of the stocks and business crisis, butterfly will lower their prices to cater for it.
  8. Is it the end for fan made content of table tennis?

    I reckon ITTF just wants to take claims over every fan made table tennis content and mark it as their own, as apparently “own the sport”. This doesnt apply to soccer or basketball, but why table tennis? I don’t just think that its end of fan made table tennis content, at this rate it could be...
  9. New Equipment (Rubbers & Blades) 2020

    Are you sure it’s alc? I’m pretty sure I read somewhere that it’s just Al (without the carbon)
  10. Is it the end for fan made content of table tennis?

    As usual the ITTF sucks the blood from all their players.
  11. Why do you play table tennis?

    makes me have something to look forward to at the end of the week. also due to the speed of the game it tests my reaction speed and it makes me think.
  12. New Equipment (Rubbers & Blades) 2020

    i actually don’t mind boosting if they are gonna increase the price
  13. Dawei Inspirit Quattro?

    thanks! i was planning on buying them from affordable TT anyway. Thanks for the reply didn’t have much info i could find on it
  14. New Equipment (Rubbers & Blades) 2020

    Also another one Victas V>3. It has 42.5 hardness. Haven’t got around to reading the characteristics but they haven’t written much. Victas Dyna 5 series: Hard, Soft, Carbon and Nirmal Dyna Five. Also a liam pitchford blade. And a Mattias Falco Blade from yasaka
  15. New Equipment (Rubbers & Blades) 2020

    yea it says “ 製造国:ドイツ” which translates: “manufacturing country: Germany”
  16. Dawei Inspirit Quattro?

    Inner composite blade recommendation? Does anyone have an inexpensive inner composite blade they could recommend? Before my setup snapped i was using lightly boosted sriver paired with a ktl instinct+. I have extremely good footwork and a good forehand and a consistent backhand away from the...
  17. Ctt pro tour carbon flex

    Thinking about getting this blade as my first carbon blade. After checking on Revspin it seems that it is flexible as well. Has anyone tried it? Right now i’m using a setup from my coach since mine got damaged. Also what rubbers did you pair with it?
  18. Chinese Kids Equipment

    I know that a typical Japanese kids setup is: TSP SWAT Mark V 1.5 or 1.8 Mark V 1.5 or 1.8 they make it so that you have extremely thin sponge thickness so you brush the ball properly but I disagree on this approach because people end up hitting upwards instead of forward