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  1. Bfly too expensive, rubber advice please

    I guess that it all depends on what meaning you put into "durability". The factory boosting is quite intense in a rubber like MX-P and wears off in 2-3 weeks making it a bit more controlled. I typically get 2 months out of a sheet of MX-P when I train 6-10h/week and since I twiddle a lot the...
  2. Bfly too expensive, rubber advice please

    Pretty much all "Made in Germany" rubbers are made in the same factory by the same company (ESN). This includes rubbers from Donic, Nittaku, Stiga, Xiom, Tibhar, Andro, Joola, Victas and others. How long the rubbers lasts should be pretty much the same for all of these rubbers as the same...
  3. Super Kim jun-un rubber

    Funny men. The rubber is desgined for Kim Song-I. Quite bland rubber but ok and grippy.
  4. World Table Tennis Championships 2021

    Amazing play by Kristian!
  5. Participate in the Long Pips Challenge

    I play with D.TecS in OX and there’s definitely a difference when using a glue sheet compared to using only glue. There’s slightly less “reversal” and the sheet dampens the ball a little bit. I prefer the feel with glue sheets (+ a layer of glue on the blade).
  6. Colorful sponges

    Get an Azalea blade to perfect the combo with Rozena.
  7. Exist stiff all-round blade

    Come to Stockholm once Covid has passed and I’ll give you a free Infinity VPS. The slowest, stiffest and most hollow blade ever to be classed as OFF.
  8. Colorful sponges

    Pink is the definition of pretty. Get a sheet of Rozena.
  9. Daiki Rubber No More?

    So the Curl and Spectol series are likely to be made in-house?
  10. Daiki Rubber No More?

    Entertaining. It'll be funny to see if Curl P1V comes out as the same rubber. Do you know if Daiki manufactured P1R?
  11. Which Joola rubber is most similar to Tenergy 05fx

    For once I actually would have to agree with Konrad. Have a look at the Made in Japan options if you want something similar (cheaper?) to Butterfly’s spring sponge. VJ07 something or the Mizuno rubbers. Mantra was in the same category but they’ve been discountinued. Nothing in the ESN lineup...
  12. Adam Bobrow youtube

    It heavily depends on where your viewers are located. A viewer in the US will give you a much bigger Adsense kickback compared to a viewer in Vietnam.
  13. Q: How does the Swedish league system work?

    Lika Lula said but a slightly longer version: National Level: Pingisligan Superettan Division 1 Division 2 Division 3 Regional level: Division 4 ... Division 7 You'll find the pros in Pingisligan and the up and coming cadets in Superettan. The other national leagues are fairly similar but...
  14. Ittf larc 142 just came up.

    Victas P1V. P1R rebranding?
  15. Daily Table Tennis Chit Chat

    I actually went to both a physio and naprapath today and pretty much got the same verdict. My elbow isn’t too bad and I can play but seriously reduced in terms of volume. The YouTube advice was good but I was using too light weights and not doing enough reps. I was positively surprised that the...
  16. Daily Table Tennis Chit Chat

    Tennis elbow blows. I can play pain free unless I FH loop but this reduces my ranking with 200-300 points. What to do? Go to quacks instead of proper physios? I need to play league as we will W-O otherwise.
  17. cant move forward, wrong blade or rubber

    My experience tells me that “most” is the keyword here. There’re plenty of oversized chopping blades that are head heavy. One of my latest adventures was the Andro Wanokiwami Def. Extremely head heavy with my usually rubbers. I’ve had similar experiences with the Yinhe 980XX. Most other blades...
  18. Rubber durability, loss of tackiness, grip, speed, bubbling etc

    My bet is that Igor is some crazy Russian AI/ML project gone wrong.
  19. The "old" blades - still a valid option or not

    It's quite fun to play with a 40+ ball a few minutes and then switch to a 38mm for a few minutes. If you then switch back to the 40+ it feels like that the game play is in slow motion.
  20. was it correct decision?

    Excuse my stupidity but the ball only seem to hit the net clamp and not the table. Was Sidorenko right in this case?