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  1. Thinking about switching to Boll ALC

    2 months ago Butterfly Europe had 1 piece of tb alc 87g and the rest was under 86g so at the moment they are hard to find. However if your local dealer have couple years old pieces it is possible to find a blade with ideal weight. It’s is a bit weird that the weight of Butterfly blades depence a...
  2. Thinking about switching to Boll ALC

    Yes that's the perfect weight but really hard to find a new one in that weight range.
  3. Soft rubber for backhand

    If you are looking fir that sinking feeling I suggest that you consider Tibhar hybrid MK. Eventough it has harder sponge 48 esn, it holds the ball really well and feel a lot softer than 48 degree. It’s a bit slower and spinnier compairing to platinium M. The best thing about hybrid mk is that it...
  4. Fake Butterfly free chack?

    Sound like the first one is original Free chack and latter Free chack pro or Free chack pro 2. If so the formula is indeed quite a bit different. If both are same glue then the new one might have been frozen at so point of delivery proces.
  5. Rubber advice for child.

    If your kid has a coach and is motivated to become a good player then Vega X both sides and max. There is absolutely no need to give your kid a softer rubber than Vega X and there is no need to go to thinner than max sponge. ofcource max sponge is a bit harder to control at first and loops and...
  6. Towel problems or a new trick ???

    I think that modern cameras are so good that in certain light those ultramegahd cameras picks up the dust on top of the rubber. So business as usual.
  7. Favorite to win 2024 Olympics?

    I agree. To me it looks like FZD has a technique that will lead sevire injuries which will end his career way too soon. FZD has an extreme hip circulation with his fh and the fact that he has a lot muscular mass is not a good thing concidering lower back issues which leads to knee injuries as...
  8. Schlager video describing Glayzer, Glayzer 09C and Rozena

    Actually Schlager and many many good coaches does it other way around. Soft rubbers gives you a "free speed" and you don't learn how to generate your own power. It's also modern thinking that when a kid has learned basics he/she should move to the max thickness rubbers right away. That way they...
  9. European Team Table Tennis Championships 2023

    I think Truls were so nervous that it paralyzed his game against Felix and almost against Alexis too. Truls has a great power fh but how many of those we saw in first 5 sets? After a chat with Kristian he started to execute his normal game plan and this time it wasn't too late. I think this win...
  10. Xiom Vega series

    I have a different opinion. I’m using my second pair of Vega X`s and to me Vega X is way more durable compairing other esn rubbers like Rasanters, Evolution serie etc. Omega 7 pro has similar durability with VegaX.
  11. Rasanter R42 & R45 alternatives

    The feeling of Calibra sound is like a soft speedglued rubber. it has great sound and nice touch. durabilitywise this is a worst rubber that have play with. But I think this depence quite a lot how hard you loop/drive with it. Note: I tried this rubber right after it came out so it is possible...
  12. best glue?

    More or less same as Free chack 2. I have used turbo fix for past couple of season and to me it is the best one out there.
  13. Why does ML use soft 37d rubber on bh?

    2.2mm is a thickness of the sponge and 4mm limit is sponge+topsheet combined. And yes booster makes the sponge thicker.
  14. Rubber Bumps on playside after glueing and unremovable glue!

    I’m sorry to say this but it will be really hard to peel if the glue from such a soft sponge. Softer sponges are much more brittle than harder ones.
  15. Win a Ovtcharov ALC

    Dan wins this one 11-8.
  16. Advice to prevent ESN rubber shrinkage?

    I think that esn rubbers shrinks becouse of heavy factory boosting. So only way to prevent shrinking is buy a new sheet, cut the package open and let it sit in a closet for a year. Then glue it to your blade without any stretching. But this way your rubber won’t feel as good as it should feel so...
  17. Andro rasanter c series

    Durability seems to be ok. C48 lasts much longer than K3. Topsheet starts to look very worn out pretty fast but it doesn’t affect to the performance of the rubber. I think that the durability of c48 is similar with R47. So to me this is a durable rubber. R48 looses it’s properties much faster.
  18. Technique advice for me

    It’s quite clear that you have a strong legs and core. With you back hand you could try to use your upper body a bit more to get some extra power and control. You have a really strong fh but it could be stronger. To my eyes it seems that your contact point is to too back or late (hard to...
  19. Recommendation of Light Weight Rubbers

    Actually Dicnics 64 at least is extremely light. Mine is 43g and with 2.1mm sponge this is a very light rubber imho.
  20. FT/FS: Heavy Viscaria