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  1. Is any current top player better than prime Ma Long (2015-2017)?

    To me, that's like asking if any current player is better than the best of all time. Answer: not even close.
  2. Skills to beat 1400-1500 level players?

    I think this is an underrated answer. Case in point: About 7 years ago a player from my club in Los Angeles who had been a very good garage player, joined the club. Without taking any lessons, within two years he won the under 1400 US Nationals. Then a year later he won under 2000 US Nationals...
  3. Moon 12 Blue on sale!

    I've had two sessions of Blue 12 on my BH on a Xiom TMXi now. I usually use FastArc C-1 on BH. I like the early results. Yes, it's a bit slower than the C-1 but not a huge difference. Good grip on the ball. Excellent for blocking. For the price it's a great deal. And it's Blue.
  4. An upgrade from V>15 extra

    You can always go back to G1. It's cheap enough on Dandoy these days.
  5. An upgrade from V>15 extra

    Have you tried Donic BlueStar? There are now three sponges A1, A2, A3.
  6. Donic bluestar a1 durability

    I have about 40 hours on Bluestar on both my FH and BH and they are both holding up well so far. But, you may be a much higher level than me and wear out your rubbers faster than I do.
  7. Victas V15 Stiff/Limber vs Nittaku Fastarc C-1

    One difference is the Fastarc rubbers, both G-1 and C-1 last longer than the Victas. If you change your rubber every 2-3 months then go Victas. If you want your rubber to last 6 months or more go with Fastarc.
  8. Who here plays with griptape on the blade handle?

    I've used a bunch of different grip tapes. My current preference is Hockey Stick Grip Tape. Hockey Stick Tape on Amazon
  9. Is Donic carbospeed really a fast blade?

    I played with the Carbospeed for close to a year. It's rated super fast, but my experience was similar to yours. It was fast, but not in an uncontrollable way. It's a good blade for the price.
  10. Your Favorite Inner Carbon Blade - SURVEY

    Xiom TMXi
  11. Dimitrij Ovtcharov Uses Pre-Made Bat vs TableTennisDaily's Dan!

    Nice job, Dan returning a couple of those punches!
  12. Win a Ovtcharov ALC

    Dima 11 / Dan the Man 6
  13. Hammond Z2 compared to Fastarc G1

    For my FH - G1 For my BH - Z2 I have better, more consistent technique on my BH.
  14. Hammond Z2 compared to Fastarc G1

    I've played with both, but have much more time with the G1 than the Z2. I would say they weigh about the same, but Michael Z may be right on this. Z2 feels more linear. G1 is more comfortable for me close to the table. Z2 for sure for driving and flat hitting. G1 has a higher throw.
  15. Andro Synteliac

    Airoc, Have you by any chance tested the Xiom TMXi blade? I'm curious about a comparison to the Synteliac blades. I'm wondering if there is a close similarity. Both manufactured in the same Korean factory?
  16. Anyone tried Victas V>22 yet?

    Thanks, that helps!
  17. Anyone tried Victas V>22 yet?

    I'm currently using V-20 on my FH and like it a lot. I'm curious about the difference between V-20 and V-22.
  18. Do you use overgrip on your blade handle?

    The Hockey stick tape I use is a roll of tape that I wrap the handle with. You can use Tennis grip. I tried it years ago, but it was too grippy for my preference and made it difficult for me to quickly adjust my grip between FH and BH.
  19. Do you use overgrip on your blade handle?

    I use Hockey Stick tape on my handle.
  20. Victas V > 20 Double Extra Review

    This rubber is available now on tabletennis11 for a reasonable price, especially for a new release.