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  1. Best rubber for the backhand

    If you can afford. Dignics 05 or 09c
  2. Lin gaoyuan sponsorship with Butterfly

    He started off with D05, but later changed to 09c as his bh rubber. If he is with DHS I can think he'll use a H8 rubber instead.
  3. Lin gaoyuan sponsorship with Butterfly

    I was just browsing through the butterfly website and I normally see Lin Gaoyuan there, but now he is not... I am assuming he is no longer sponsored from butterfly. Maybe b/c he lost to Harimoto up 3-0 10-6 and 9-4? LMAO But the question arise where is he sponsored now if he is...DHS?
  4. D80 vs d64 is closer to t05?

    Oh very different. t05 is bouncier in my opinion although many people say Dignics is faster I don't feel so. Most likely is. TTD did a review on the D80 I posted the link to this
  5. D80 vs d64 is closer to t05?

    D80 for sure. D64 has 0 Arc in my opinion.
  6. Best Backhand in U.S.A

    This question is directed to more of players that play in the U.S. Currently right now who do you think has the best backhand in the game in the U.S.A? Not internationally, just in the U.S. Curious to know.
  7. Rasanter C Series

    Hey all. Andro is releasing Rasanter C series in 48 and 53. I'm planning to try the 48 out as currently I'm using the R48 on the forehand. I love it a lot, but times I feel it is hard to spin the ball close to the table as it is more responsive from I was using before (Skyline 3). It's to be...
  8. DHS Skyline 3 Provincial Blue Sponge 39 or 40 review request

    Hey there, I was wondering if someone can give me a review on the Skyline 3 provincial blue sponge rubber. I'm really interested in it, but I don't know if I should get it for the sake of wasting money. I've used Hurricane 3 blue sponge (national, provincial, and commercial) Currently using...
  9. Clubs in S.Korea

    Thank you. This helps alot
  10. Clubs in S.Korea

    Hey all, so my family is thinking about visiting S.Korea once the pandemic eases up and if I'm correct there's a club that's run by Ryu Seung Min and Kim Taeksoo. Does anyone know where they're at? Also I'm open to other good clubs in Korea so let ne know where I can go play. We'll be all around...
  11. Where to watch

    But can I watch it free? I signed up, but for the replays i either gotta wait or pay. I'm not trying to spend money and watch everything live for free
  12. Where to watch

    Hey guys as the Tokyo Olympics is this Saturday, where can I watch the live stream matches. I'm not trying to pay for nothing. So be great if y'all could idk comment a link or tell me where to go.
  13. Best BH rubber ?

    TIbhar 5q is pretty good.
  14. TSP Swat: Unpopular Popularity

    Quartet VFC Speed: Off- Off+: more like off though Feeling: Soft-Medium Pros: its actually one of the best blades for counter looping near the table tbh. The V carbon(aka ZlC) is helps you gain power, when you brush the ball extremely well. The fleece carbon is what gives the safety over the...
  15. TSP Swat: Unpopular Popularity

    I don't play with Quartet LFC, but I did try it. Short review on itQuartet LFC Speed: Off- to Off Feeling: Soft like Viscaria It plays well if you are trying to learn backhand topspin, but have a nice forehand loop. It is very balanced. I recommend medium to hard rubbers on it. For example MXS...
  16. Zhang Jike ZLC

    Did try the Apolonia ZLC, didn't like the vibration really. Something about it didn't seem right for my style. The LYJ SLC waayyyyyy to expensive for my wallet also to fast. My style is somewhat unique? I play close - mid distance off the bounce loops and counter game along with blocking.
  17. Zhang Jike ZLC

    I tried the TB ALC and I personally didn't like it. It felt softer than LGY ALC
  18. Zhang Jike ZLC

    Has anyone tried Zhang Jike ZLC? Currently I'm using Koki Niwa Wood and I love it. Although in the past I used LGY ALC and liked almost everything about it, but the power from the blade. I know ZLC has more power and the wood on the Zhang Jike ZLC is Koto which is a harder/stiffer wood. I tried...
  19. ITTV is dead

    Does anyone know where to watch old full matches that are not Chinese players? For YT its mostly Chinese full match play like channels like Janus770, ttlondon2012. For Japanese there's the butterfly Japanese channel that posts videos on Butterfly Sponsored players. I'm wanting to watch like very...
  20. ITTV is dead

    I also heard they are thinking about recording from outer space with a camcorder and making table tennis, floor tennis that's played outside.