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  1. TTBelgiumHistory 1984-2008

    jm saive, what a super legend. so good for the tt sport. always entertaining and fighting and giving 100% to the spectators. does he still play? anyone have any idea what material he used to have or still using?
  2. For sale! Stiga & Butterfly

    thanks for your reply. i have tried the mantra rubbers and like them. i has bought from tabletennis11. but can you get to better rpice?
  3. For sale! Stiga & Butterfly

    hi. what is your exact stock, what products. any news products coming in from stiga and butterfly?
  4. Ding Ning using a Carbonado at China Open!

    thanks for the info
  5. Ding Ning using a Carbonado at China Open!

    wow. that is a real statement from ding ning to change from ebenholz to carbonado 45. it must be because of the abs quality balls. she is the best woman player.
  6. Stiga calibra LT alternatives

    mantra rubbers for sure. great arc on them
  7. For sale! Stiga & Butterfly

    hi. i just bought some mantra from estonia, tabletennis11, can you also get mantra? i liked them very much and want to buy some more. i see on your list that there are no mantra but maybe you will get it in?
  8. Who has the world's best backhand?

    i say karakasevic from serbia. what a feeling and great backhand
  9. STIGA Mantra Soft, Medium & Hard Rubber Review

    just got my two mantras i ordered from tabletennis11. anxious to test them tomorrow at the training. hope it can be good for my spin game
  10. Suitable glue for boosted rubber

    i just bty free chack and i think its hard to use since its very thin. any recommendation for any other glue that is thicker and more easy to use and glue with? i read nittaku and stiga in the above but anyone used these glues?
  11. STIGA Mantra Soft, Medium & Hard Rubber Review

    thanks for your advice. ordered 2 pcs yesterday of mantra m 2.1 mm. anxious to get them to try
  12. STIGA Mantra Soft, Medium & Hard Rubber Review

    i tried mantra h in the club by a friend. liked it very much even it was a little hard for my opinion. want to try m version since i'm a player with not so good technique :cool:. anyone who can recommend the best place to buy rubbers on the web?
  13. older players and their equipments

    i just wonder if anybody know what equipment older top players are using? by older top players i mean, primorac, karakasevic, bojan tokic, saive and other older top players that still is active. i think it would be nice to know. hope somebody can help out!
  14. Table Tennis Fail Collection!

    hahahaha big humor
  15. Asking for more reviews

    thanks for the info, appreciate it. i think i will try it. i will first check in the club if someone has it, otherwise i might buy it on your recommendations :cool:
  16. Asking for more reviews

    i see you use fastarc? is that good control and sound in it? what is the best charcteristics about that rubber you think?
  17. Asking for more reviews

    thanks for your help. i like sound and i heard ok stuff about calibra sound. do you might have any other idea aswell of a sound oriented rubber?
  18. Asking for more reviews

    it would be nice to get some reviews. i want to change my rubbers but no clue what so ever what do chose. i'm a player who like to play good fh topspin from behind and i like a good sound. my bh is poor and want to work with control. want to win matches again. pls help with advices.
  19. November World Rankings 2015

    like tsuboi from brazil move up. he is such great fighter. keep up the spirit tsuboi
  20. Jean-Michel SAIVE New Exhibition 2015 | Mini Table on the Table

    i agree with you 100% on this. good for the sport and jm saive is the best on this.