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  1. Ma Long vs Zhang Jike Final FIXED???

    stupid conspiracy theories with no proof at all ma long was the best player in the games and he fairly won
  2. Win a signed STIGA Carbonado 190 Blade!

    I think it's number 10
  3. Win a signed blade by Timo Boll! (Mens World Cup)

    I think Ma Long will win 2014 Men's World Cup
  4. Win a signed blade by Waldner & Persson!

    I am sure Jan Ove Waldner and Jorgen Persson opened the Fusion Table Tennis Club on August 10, 2014 :cool:
  5. Jan Ove Waldner vs TableTennisDaily's Dan!

    very nice..waldner is a legend
  6. China Super League (CTTSL) 2014 Finals

    jike playing great under pressure as usual im happy for dima though..he has improved so much competing with the best chinese players these chinese links are useless for me,they barely open
  7. Win a signed blade by Ma Long! (CTTSL 2014)

    I think Shandong will win the 2014 China Super League
  8. Rare Table Tennis Gifs and Photos

    yep..and alexei smirnov germany many years ago
  9. Win a Free Blade from ma long's blade...enough said
  10. Win a Limited Edition STIGA Emerald Blade!

    I think there are 16 years between the signing of STIGA's Liu Guoliang and Xu Xin
  11. Win a Butterfly Tenergy 80 FX Rubber!

    xu xin mens singles ding ning womens singles
  12. Ovtcharov Mind Boggled By Crazy Serves!

    somebody tell dima we need a close-up video focused on tristan's hands...i need this serve :cool:
  13. Win STIGA Airoc Rubbers + Emerald Blade!

    Men's Event: Gold - China Silver - Germany Bronze - Japan Women's Event: Gold - China Silver - Japan Bronze - Korea Republic
  14. UAE Open 2011

    wang hao played fantastic in the final...strong backhand as always we're gonna see great matches in the following years between the top chinese players,that's for sure i think the march world ranking will be different after these pro tours,probably wang hao no1 and xu xin 2 or 3
  15. UAE Open 2011

    this was an upset
  16. UAE Open 2011

    oh sang has nothing to do with the old oh sang back in 2007
  17. UAE Open 2011

    visit watch the whole tournament streaming :cool:
  18. Portrait: Timo Boll (by Butterfly)

    cool video!