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  1. Boll's tactics against Harimoto

    I was sure that this will be tactic of Samsonov against Harimoto, as Vladi is master of inconvenient slow-paced balls that most young players are not able to play with enough pace. But this trick didn't work out for Vladi :( So I am pretty sure that this was not key to Timo's win. I think more...
  2. Win a STIGA Carbonado 190 signed by Par Gerell!

    i think Dan will manage to return 3 servers of 10. but I think if Dan will do some practice with Par to accommodate to his serves, result can be much much better :)
  3. Rubber Chinese team A FH & BH

    Also it's interesting that four players have chinese rubbers on both FH and BH: Ma Long, Fan Zhendong, Xu Xin, Liu Shiwen. Can guess that rest have Tenergy on BH.
  4. Win a signed Butterfly Tiago Apolonia ZLC blade!

    Men's Singles: Gold - Ma Long Silver - Dimitrij Ovtcharov Bronze - Zhang Jike Women's Singles: Gold - Ding Ning Silver - Li Xiaoxia Bronze - Feng Tianwei
  5. Share your Racket's Photo

    My new blade for a fitness training. Actually feels pretty nice in hand, and I believe it's more than just playable. and has very similar weight to Der_Echte's monster bat :)
  6. April World Rankings 2016

    In table tennis bonus points are deducted for withdrawing from tournament and misconduct. And granted for advancements in big events. If Mizutani has lost 58 points it is more likely that bonus points simply expired, as they are valid only for 12 months. As for fairness - everything is pretty...
  7. World Team Championship 2016 - TTD Competition!

    I think that WTTTC2016 medalists will be: Men's Event: Gold - China Silver - Japan Bronze - France Women's Event: Gold - China Silver - Japan Bronze - Singapore
  8. Mizutani in the Russian League - Strange performance

    Maybe Jun's performance has something to do with his club change: he already has signed with Fakel Gazproma, but must finish current season with UMMC.
  9. German Open 2016

    Vladi had a coach by his side on major matches few years ago. as for now - he has no sponsor/club/national team to cover expenses for a coach. and he has enough experience to plan and adjust his game on his own, with a "self-coacing".
  10. German Open 2016

    Samsonov won against Chuang 4:1 awesome game I was dreaming about Ma Long vs Samsonov final, and now my dream will come true :)
  11. Ma Long's Forehand

    This is not "another guy", this is Petr Korbel himself! :) As for technique, he is showing "classic topspin" (he calls it that way himself in video), and most trainers I know are trying to teach mostly same ideas. And of course, I wish my forehand to be like his :)
  12. Win a signed STIGA Carbonado 145 blade!

    I think Fan Zhendong will win the Swedish Open 2015!!!
  13. No Bounce Receive - Table Tennis Miracle!

    Unfortunately, even with tacky rubbers ball will bounce multiple times on racket when catching ball with spin. It is clearly seen in Marcos Freitas video. Also you can find video of catching backspin ball with Xu Xin, and also multiple bounces are present. In real match, it is next to imposible...
  14. Polish Open 2015

    what happened with Ma Long? He has withdrawn? Is he injuried?
  15. Win a signed t-shirt by Ma Long and Fan Zhendong!

    I think Ma Long will win the Men's World Cup.
  16. Asian Championships 2015

    Ma Long withdraws from singles event: 30/9 15:40 T15 Men's Singles 128 MA Long CHN vs MOUMJOGHLIAN Avo LIB MOUMJOGHLIAN Avo -
  17. Timo Boll can't play the World Cup in 2015

    It's a pity that this worldcup will be played without Timo Boll. But why question is only about Timo? Why you are not suggesting that wildcard should be given to Samsonov (I would be very pleased to see Vladi on worldcup!)? Or Maze? Or any other world-class player?
  18. China Super League 2015 (CTTSL)

    It was first Fan Zhendong's defeat in this season? Looking forward for video of this match
  19. Michael Maze is back 2015!

    Good to hear, because there were no news from Maze since last Euro Cup. As for this "revenge", i s there any chance to see full match between Maze and Ma Lin?