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  1. Dignics 05 review 2.1mm

    All that is obvious. The coach factors that in. All of his students (a few are around 2300-2400. Two are in the US team and have to play really competitive in the team trials / etc to try get into the team each year) play high-stakes game against players of similar level. The coach tells them...
  2. Dignics 05 review 2.1mm

    Just asked a 2600 friend / coach who has been using D05 on BH. He started laughing and said that is pure BS for anyone from around 1850 to 2600 (below 1850, he does not recommend D05). No boosting required till you are 2600+ / playing in a pro-league in Europe / China. His students (one is in...
  3. Caronavirus & Tokyo 2020

    In the US, many of the clubs have assistant coaches that come / go from / to China (quite a few of them are on temporary visas). I notice that attendance in some such clubs is now a bit lower, particularly among grown-ups. Perhaps, only anecdotal. One can never rationalize fear.
  4. Table Tennis Racket Advice

    I have owned 3 W968, numerous HL5 & about 10 Viscaria blades. For my style: Power: W968 > HL5 > Viscaria Bounciness: W968 <= HL5 < Viscaria Control: W968 > HL5 > Viscaria Serve / receive quality: W968 = HL5 > Viscaria Production quality: Viscaria > W968 > HL5 It is easier to finish point with...
  5. Changing from the Viscaria to the Long 5x

    IMHO, if you want to switch, please do not go for the HL5X. It is nowhere as good as HL5 (which is already more powerful than Viscaria). The only thing better is the W968.
  6. Joola Rhyzer 48 and 42 degrees

    BryanY: IMHO, ignore coaches. Let me guess: the club they are in has a Joola sponsorship, right? Rhyzer 48 is too bouncy (and soft) for the chinese coaches to recommend. Rhyzer 50 is hard enough (scalable to when one becomes 2500). However, IMHO, it is only right rubber for someone > 1900 IF...
  7. Rubber warmer by Donic

    I have a $25 solution (bought from Amazon a year ago) & works great in colder weather (just like boosting & the effect is pretty large): a USB heated shawl / blanket. It has 2 USB wires that you attach to a mobile charger. Wrap the racket (not handle) with the shawl, that’s it.
  8. GEWO Nexxus EL Pro 50 or 53

    What I mean by it being a looping rubber so long as you don't hit too hard is this: When you hit too hard, the throw drops so you get a bit less of an arc. Still not too low - more like medium. On soft to medium-hard loops, it is medium-high to high throw
  9. GEWO Nexxus EL Pro 50 or 53

    50 is a power-looping rubber - sort of like H3N. 48 is looping rubber so long as you don't hit too hard. I do high toss with both 50 and 48.
  10. GEWO Nexxus EL Pro 50 or 53

    No, I have. Not tried the XT series but have not heard good things about it.
  11. GEWO Nexxus EL Pro 50 or 53

    I have EL Pro 50 2.1 on FH & EL Pro 48 2.1 on BH of a Mizutani ZLC. I have used 3 other max sheets of the 48 before. EL Pro 50 is the best FH ESN rubber I have used till date. It is different from EL Pro48 - different topsheet. Also, it is more powerful, has more spin & most importantly: it's...
  12. GEWO Nexxus EL Pro 50 or 53

    EL Pro 50 has a different topsheet than EL Pro 48.
  13. MX-P 50 deg vs MX-S ?

    I have both. Have compared both. Not completely fairly - MX-S on MJ-ZLC and MX-P 50 on IF-ZLC. MX-P 50 is a monster - basically MX-P on steroids. Loops are super powerful. For me, I am trying to go away from using H3 and regular MX-P feels too soft now. MX-P 50 is just right. MJ-ZLC is a...
  14. Ask Mattias Falck a question!

    Hi Mattias, How did you start using short pips? Is the real blade you use a DHS W968? Here is a photo from a recent match of yours (taken from ITTV):
  15. New Butterfly rubber "Dignics 05" 2019

    What I find 'not quite accidental' is the slogan in Butterfly ad for Dignics on youtube: 'Overpowering Evolution'!
  16. The story of my weight loss JOE BRITNELL

    Fantastic and inspiring! Keep it up, Joe!
  17. Spin is better than Speed - I am a believer now.

    Over the past couple of years or so, when TB plays higher ranked pros, it is evident that, with the new ball, he does get a lot of points not by spin but by having the opponent open first and then countering his opening loop.
  18. W968 - 6 question

    Forget this blade. IMHO, W968 has more than enough power for all levels.
  19. places to play near Kensington, London

    I shall be staying in an apartment in W8, London for some time next month. Any clubs near there where I can play for a few hours?
  20. Baracuda VS the other products in the Acuda series

    for similar characteristics to Baracuda, you are better off looking for other similar gen rubbers with harder sponge (as opposed to newer gen rubbers from Donic). So, Yasaka Rakza 7, and perhaps, Nittaku Fastarc G1 might be good substitutes for Baracuda-like characteristics with a harder sponge...