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  1. New Bat - What Should I Get - DHS

    Or smth less personalised but would still work is if you give more info, eg ur playing style, level, what u like abt ur current set up and what u want from a new set up, any brand preferences, group order from tt11 etc etc. Otherwise any reccommendations based on info provided wont be tailored...
  2. Rubbers Shrinking?

    I had a quantum X pro, glued by table tennis 11, when removed from the blade it shrank to 3/4 the size and now cant reasonably fit on the blade. I did not have any shrinking with a h3 neo. I now have an EL-D falling off my blade, and I'm a bit scared that it will shrink and be unusable when i...
  3. Why does the vast majority of top pros use ALC instead of ZLC?

    As far as I know ALC is older, more reputed, not much of a real difference. I'm sure the viscaria is one of the main reasons. As far as ZLC goes, none of the advantages are really prevalent, and even those who require a stiffer blade have now moved to super ALC.
  4. Saudi Smash 2024

    Isn't looking very good for patrick, hopefully we see a comeback
  5. XLNT Sports (UK)

    Lmk how that goes and delivery times and quality pls, i'm also interested. Did they say how much stock they have?
  6. XLNT Sports (UK)

    There was another thread about this here - smn got fastarcs promptly smn did not receive a confirmation email so mixed results im also quite interested in a septear for 40 pounds
  7. LF: Nittaku Septear

    Has anyone got a nittaku septear, fl, any weight decent condition willing to sell?
  8. Dandoy Customer Service

    How long does it usualy take dandoy to respond? I emailed them last friday still no responce?
  9. Donic bluestar a1 durability

    I know this is an old thread, but is there any updates on its durability over a longer term?
  10. Saudi Smash 2024

    Wang Chuqin dispatches simon gauzy in a great game with some good rallies. Love watching simon, was really rooting for him
  11. Empty Seats at Saudi Smash

    What is the point of holding a massive tournament where players have to fly ages to and have tons of cost and table tennis isn't even popular there, as seen by lack of crowd even on Table 1? How does WTT expect to recoup their 2 million and more by having an embarrassing low number of spectators?
  12. a

    I had an infinity. I dont know whether the outerply was limba or not but the quality was amazing. Comfy handle, no splintering, even after regluing several times. It has one chip in it but that was from banging it on a table on a half long. Was presealed tho by tt11
  13. Recommend the rubber or racket replacement for a beginner?

    Without knowing your true level or technique and stuff, I could only reccommend general beginner rubbers. If you are on a budget, 729 super fx is quite good for developing your technique, and is what all the people at my club use when they are beginners. If you have the money, Rakza 7 is a great...
  14. UK Table Tennis Prospects

    Followed up well with maybe a slightly lucky win against Jules Rolland. Great Game. He really is on top form, would be interesting to see hwo far he will get in the main draw. Does anyone know who he is going to be playing in the ro64?
  15. Saudi Smash 2024

    Missing a serve at matchpoint 10-9 you in the fifth about to qualify has got to be the worst feeling, especially bottling the match straight after. Unfortunate for Rolland, but a great game
  16. Can rubbers achieve even more catapult than currently?

    I think tenergy 05 does that pretty well, just not a huge fan of it myself
  17. Can rubbers achieve even more catapult than currently?

    Exactly my point, i think its unnecessary, most of us aren't good enough for current rubbers
  18. Can rubbers achieve even more catapult than currently?

    Yes, but if you take a normal, even stroke then that doesnt work. On an exact same stroke, a slow 3 ply allwood blade with hurricane 3 is going to be much slower than a primorac carbon and the omega 7 hypers and mxp 50s of the world. So I think the point of the thread would be to ask if on a...
  19. Can rubbers achieve even more catapult than currently?

    Imo, they could have rubbers with more catapult, and probably deep in these factories r and d labs there are rubbers with a higher catapult effect, but beyond a point without any added control there is no use for a rubber that is ridiculously quick, especially as most play with Carbon blades...
  20. Omega 7 Asia Fh on 5 ply all wood allround blade

    Hows the rubber holding up? Would you say it plays similar still to when u first got it?