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  1. Best 42-43⁰ range backhand rubbers

    Stiga dna plat s

    this comment aged poorly
  3. Looking for a small handle blade

    my tb alc is too small for my hands, flared is for children. Straight is big and squared
  4. Value of old buttetfly arylate blades

    I'm buying mine for €50
  5. Value of old buttetfly arylate blades

  6. Custom Blade For Someone Returning To Sport

    xiom vega is €28.90 2x 59.80 per rubber. Sanwei flextra €20 on avarage sale. €79.80 total, perfect for a beginner to grow their skills and improve. Fextra and Vega rubbers are very durable, no need to switch material every year.
  7. Anders Lind discussing illegal serves

    Only the pendulum serve, the rest are pretty much always legal
  8. Anders Lind discussing illegal serves

    Very good from Anders Lind to talk about this topic, as it is very prevalent in every level of play. Nice and honest about himself and showing what he did wrong. Never easy saying harsh truth about yourself
  9. Issue cutting the rubber

    I glue with old glue, the VOC 1 liter one. Lowkey after 5 minutes i can glue it and it has a extreme strong bond after waiting a minute with weights on it. I use 3 books for weight. ( i seal my blades so no splinters) I have a fabric scissor to cut. Perfect cut every single time. Only pips i...
  10. Value of old buttetfly arylate blades

    Hello, I'm about to buy a old in great shape Timo boll spirit with black tag. What would be the estimate value of this? Thanks in advance
  11. Are there any blue colored hybrid rubbers?

    Dhs 9 blue sponge. A lot of people dislike it, but it is blue
  12. Blade advice - intermediate seeking step up

    Stiga eternity vps, best used in legend handle.
  13. Is there a way to fix the top ply or stop it from splintering? (Photos attached)

    Koto is a hard wood that doesn't splinter often. With sealing the blade it would be unbreakable you would think
  14. Dignics09C on Cybershape Carbon?

    I know someone who used D09c fh G09c bh. He is 1850 rating (2100 usa) Man he makes forehand and backhand look easy. I played with his setup and it just works, nothing special besides flick, serves and counters. Dope setup
  15. Rakza 7 Soft Alternatives

    Xiom omega 7 euro, killshot go brrrr
  16. DHS hurricane neo 2 or neo 3?

    i wouldn't know what works for you, i always recommend EJ buying hurricane 3 neo 40d province orange sponge atleast once. I don't get advantage from sticky rubbers, so i lime european/jap style more. But i know many like chinese rubbers, i also did for a long time
  17. DHS hurricane neo 2 or neo 3?

    many people glaze a rubber (its their favorite so they rate it higher then it is) Because of this many rubbers get high ratings. a 1/10 score on spin isn't bad itself, it is just many arent objective and cant measure it with rpm. Speed is terrible with a 1/10 rating. As every rubber behave...
  18. Sanwei 75 Inner versus Yinhe 970xxA?

    I used all of these blades (now i feel like EJ😭) I really liked the 970xxA, it is one of the best innerforce blades that has butterfly measurements. Fextra has stiga measurements with a bigger top. Kinda in between dhs and stiga. And sanwei 75 inner has DHS measurements, which i believe is...
  19. Does Rakza 7 generate good spin?

    Rakza 7 is very good, obviously there is a reason for it being used so much. I am a big fan of stiga's DNA pro and Xiom rubbers, these are for me cheaper and better. While these rubbers give more spin and speed, Rakza is better for blocking and has even better durability! I started refreshing...