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  1. Tibhar Felix Lebrun All

    New tibhar felix lebrun all blade is on tabletennis11 now. Looks like its a 7PLY with balsa core and KOTO outer, no idea what the rest of the wood is. At only $35 I was thinking of picking one up to see how it is. Seems like an interesting construction, are there any other 7 ply blades with a...
  2. Beginner Friendly Hybrid Rubber

    Currently testing out Loki RXTON1 which seems to be semi tacky. Have some big dipper and 729 dragon on the way. I'll have to check out some of the other suggestions here. I am looking forward to the Vega Euro Hybrid when it rolls around. I think the Vega Pro Hybrid is probably too fast for me.
  3. Beginner Friendly Hybrid Rubber

    I've been playing for 2 years but still consider myself a beginner. For that two years I have been predominantly using a 5 ply wooden blade with Xiom Vega Euro. I play a spin heavy, close to the table backhand dominant style. I want to try something with a semi tacky or tacky topsheet but a low...
  4. My Personal Guide to Rubbers on Aliexpress

    I have 2 fextra, 2 yinhe moon 12 MED soft and 2 loki RXton1 rubbers on the way. Cheap TT stuff from aliexpress is addictive. I almost ordered a Yinhe pd 437 too, lol. Still need to decide what rubber I want to order for forehand. Need something that isn't too fast or too hard. I contemplated...
  5. My Personal Guide to Rubbers on Aliexpress

    This is a very useful post for someone who just start EJing affordable equipment. I am planning on putting together an aliexpress order for my brother and I and some friends. Out of the rubbers discussed here what would you say is the best beginner forehand rubber on aliexpress right now(euro style)
  6. Sanwei Echo and Parla review - 2023 new all wood table tennis blades

    Would you say the parla is beginner friendly or should one stick with the echo?
  7. Sanwei Fextra 7

    Is the fextra too fast for a beginner? I am going through an EJ phase and thinking about picking up fextra, echo, or parla. The fextra is the most affordable which makes it more appealing but I am still firmly in the beginner stages. Also what are you running on the FH side with your yinhe blue...
  8. Sanwei Parla Blade

    Would you say the Parla is suitable for a beginner or too fast?
  9. SANWEI new type all wood blade — Echo and Parla

    Where can the parla and echo be purchased in the US?
  10. Multiball Training Setup

    Getting into doing drills with some family members and we want to do some multiball training. Any good tutorial videos out there on feeding? If its anything like boxing with focus mitts I know the skill of the person feeding has a big impact on the effectiveness of training. Also was wondering...
  11. Recommend Rubbers to Pair with new blade

    The more and more I hear about these affordable chinese rubbers the more I feel tempted to try them. Even if they don't last longer than the vega euro it wouldn't be a big deal to replace them more frequently since they are so much less than everything else. Just need to learn how to glue my...
  12. Recommend Rubbers to Pair with new blade

    In addition to considering the razka 7/soft route, I am also looking at Victas VJ>07 series of rubbers, although its very hard to find any information on them but they are more affordable than the razka7 and made in japan. I also saw butterfly has a new rubber out called glayzer and glayzer09c...
  13. Recommend Rubbers to Pair with new blade

    Isn't that an ultra fast rubber? I'm not sure that I am at a skill level where I can benefit from using a ruber that speed. Yes I meant xiom vega europe. Isn't rakza 7 an ESN rubber? Meaning it is going to be more or less the same durability as the xiom vega europe?
  14. Recommend Rubbers to Pair with new blade

    I have been playing since January 2022. Although I still consider myself a beginner. The nearest club and access to coaches are at least 3 hours away. I do play roughly 10 hours a week but it is relatively recreational as I only regularly play against the same handful of people who are also...
  15. Vega Euro vs Vega Intro for Beginner

    Getting ready to place an order for my first custom setup on tabletennis11. I am going with andro TP ligna All blade. Trying to decide between vega euro and vega intro for rubbers. Was pretty much set on the intro but saw there is currently a sale going on and the euro is cheaper than the intro...