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  1. Need blade

    Hi from Spain. I'm a 17 years old intermediate player. Since I started playing TT I used Primorac Carbon with Tenergy 05 on both sides bc my trainer said that was the best for me. Now, some years later I started to notice my blade is incredibly fast and uncontrollable. I need a more control...
  2. Fast blade

    Where can i get timo boll t5000?
  3. Fast blade

    T Thx dude. Timo boll t5000 is exactly what i'm looking for, the only problem is that un Spain (my country) it isnt available, where can i buy It? If i cant buy It zhang jike t5000 is also a good option for me (just a bit more controlable than timo boll but still fast for me). I"ll see if i can...
  4. Fast blade

    Thx for ur time friend. I'll search these Blades. I usually like fast and uncontrollable Blades as primorac Carbon, i'll see which bty is the most similar to primorac carbon.
  5. Fast blade

    Hello guys! I would like to know if there is a butterfly blade faster than primorac Carbon. Or at least as fast as It. If there isnt anyone, can u tell me a top 3 fastest butterfly Blades? Thx for ur time.
  6. I need help

    Well, thx for your time. I dont know what i'm going to do. I was thinking of buy fan zhendong super ALC/ Lin gaoyuan alc/ Jun mizutani. But i think no one of these are as fast as primorac Carbon. Which do u think is most similar or faster? Also the most lighter. I cant say yo butterfly that i...
  7. I need help

    So what butterfly blade do u think can i use? I like very fast Blades but i want something lighter than primorac. I tried timo boll alc from a friend and It was so light compared to my blade. Thats why i want a light but very fast Blades. It has to be from butterfly. Thx for ur response dude.
  8. I need help

    Hello from Spain. I'm using primorac Carbon with tenergy 05 on both. I'm thinking of change to fan zhendong super ALC with tenergy 05 on backhand and dignics 80 or forehand. Do u think it's a good change? I'm a little afraid that the racket is too slow compared to mine, but i'm not sure. What do...