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    You should seal the blade, rubber/glue comes off easier.
  2. The Dark Side is getting more and more tempting...

    I think your problem is not unusual, most people love to attack but the best attacking rubber generally isn't the best rubber when it comes to returning serve. A couple of months ago I purchased 2 sheets of DHS hurricane 3 NEO just to see what all the fuss was about. I originally wasn't that...
  3. Picked up my paddle after 12 years… and now there’s dignics!?

    Yasaka Rakza 7 soft is the easiest 'do it all rubber' I have played with. No spectacular at anything but also not bad at anything either and very forgiving.
  4. Getting thrashed during office games?

    I think everyone who has played with crap bats has had this problem. I think you should just try to practice being consistent by getting every ball back in play and working on your pushing and chopping. It can be frustrating but trying to play an aggressive topspin game is nearly impossible.
  5. How to serve in double as a lefty with a right handed partner?

    Yep, I always spin the serve from right to left to help guide the return back in the direction of my partner. Also serving short or a tomahawk serve down the middle for variation
  6. FH Ruber?

    Rakza 7 soft in 2mm is very easy to play with and is a fair bit different to the Max. I find the 2mm has really good all round performance.
  7. Need help with DHS Hurricane 3

    No I haven't , still trying to sort out my current choices
  8. Need help with DHS Hurricane 3

    I am currently trialing 3 different bats. One has Rakza 7 soft on both sides the other has Rakza Z on both sides and the other has hurricane 3 neo [not boosted] on both sides. I would say the 7 soft is the slowest and easiest to play with, great spin, but doesn't cause the opponent as much...