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  1. Need suggestions about my setup.

    Thank you guys for all the comments, I am still deciding what to do, but right now i know how, which way I should follow and what options I fulfill my demands. Enzo
  2. Need suggestions about my setup.

    Answering your questions. I have been playing for around 4 years. At that time I used my previous setup, i was worse than nowadays and that is why i am not sure if that was better or worse than my actual setup and if that suited my playing style. I am an offensive player and i always try to...
  3. Need suggestions about my setup.

    Hey, thanks for your answer Brs! Your suggestion pleases me a lot. The only thing i was a bit confused, was when i came to the realisation that the timo boll alc is 157x150mm, whereas the ovtcharov is 158x152 mm. I dont know about the topic, but i presumed that it would affect my performance if...
  4. Need suggestions about my setup.

    Hey NDH, thanks for your concern! Firstly, answering your questions. 1. Sadly i dont have at this moment any recent videos of me playing, but i may record them in the near future. 2. About the budget, for me to buy a new blade is not a problem. As my homeland is Brazil and I study abroad, it...
  5. Need suggestions about my setup.

    I have been using for the last 6 months specially fast setup : timo boll alc, Tenergy 05 on FH and Tenergy 19 on BH. To be honest, i think that this setup is too speedy for me and right now i am reflecting about making a change. It crossed my mind the idea of changing the forehand rubber to a...
  6. Lin gaoyuan alc vs Timo boll alc

    I will have to choose between a timo boll alc or a lin gaoyan alc, could anyone enlighten me about their differences?