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  1. The last tacky DHS rubber

    DHS has decided to change TG2 to non-tacky? We haven't heard anything like that lately.
  2. Fans of Rozena?

    I was but now I go with Mantra Pro, cheaper and more durable! 我是,但现在我选择 Mantra Pro,更便宜、更耐用!
  3. Is my Hurricane 3 national bs boosted?

    It doesn't look like it, the surface doesn't swell very much.
  4. How to deal with short very heavy topsin

    I can't believe you ran into this ball. Did you face Timo Boll? This ball is very difficult to handle, especially when it's close to the net. The most sensible way for an amateur to handle it is to get as far forward as possible, cover the top of the ball before it jumps and press it through...
  5. Harimoto ALC Vs Ovtcharov ALC

    Luckily I tried, but it was a failed energy. Featureless compared to the Harimoto ALC and not even close to the much cheaper Long 5X.
  6. DHS W968 review

    Glad to see you received a piece of gear that is a FH godsend, but for reasons well known, you should still need a bottle of this stuff. Otherwise it will be the ultimate judgement when you remove the rubber from the racquet face.
  7. Hurricane Sun-What a beautiful new piece of equipment

    Lighter and friendlier than the Long 5 suitable for amateurs.
  8. Advice for equipment upgrade

    A good start is half the battle. Suggest using Stiga's Pure Wood, CLCR, which will take you from 1400 all the way up to 2400 at least! Double sided Rozena can be used to establish a similar feel to the T05 and is cheaper. 双面 Rozena 可用于建立与 T05 相似的感觉,并且更便宜。
  9. Hurricane Sun-What a beautiful new piece of equipment

    Okay, okay. That was an oversight. ;)
  10. Hurricane Sun-What a beautiful new piece of equipment

    FH 银河缅甸蓝海绵北斗39.5 BH 银河缅甸月球速度
  11. Hurricane Sun-What a beautiful new piece of equipment

    The centre of gravity is clearly forward, like a hammer
  12. Hurricane Sun-What a beautiful new piece of equipment

    Stable and fast, fits most amateurs' toys!
  13. Question for Tom "The Frog" about Stiga rubbers.

    Then you've got to try the mantra pro, very comfortable Japanese product, great spin, support, and control for its price point, especially when paired with stiga's own blades. 然后你必须尝试 mantra pro,非常舒适的日本产品,出色的旋转、支撑和控制,尤其是与 stiga 自己的刀片搭配使用时。
  14. Exclusive DHS rubbers. What's that?

    I think it's during production.
  15. Exclusive DHS rubbers. What's that?

    It's so expensive, it's not necessary. And it's a bit too hard for an amateur.
  16. Blade and Rubber Recommendations Wanted For An Upgrade

    The one piece of good news is that CL is compatible with almost all hitters and rubbers. If you think the CLCR is too fast, then use the uncoated classic version of the CL. 如果您认为 CLCR 速度太快,请使用 CL 的无涂层经典版本。 Today is different, it's true that CL is less likely to create spin for previous balls...
  17. Blade and Rubber Recommendations Wanted For An Upgrade

    It's hard to believe that with the intensity of your training you would even choose a blaed like Xiom Offensive S, too soft for the big ball nowadays bordering on a kid's starter option. If you don't feel tough enough with OC, then a 7-ply like CLCR is recommended. more support, strong spin, and...
  18. Need more advices on how to further improve forehand stroke

    In fact, we notice in your video that your approach shot is somewhat "programmed" because the ball is so fixed in point and rhythm that you can even do it with your eyes closed. Instead of using a driver at this stage, it is recommended that you use your left hand to throw the ball onto the...
  19. Best Rubbers for Harimoto Innerforce Alc

    Both theoretically and practically, the use of D05 for Harimoto ALC 's FH is almost the only correct choice, it offers more speed, longer arc, and more spin, and don't hesitate to say that Harimoto ALC can back it up for stability in such an environment. As for BH, given your CS playing style...