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  1. Timo Boll ALC + H3 3 neo provincial 39° Blue Sponge on FH and boosting before testing or after

    It is not really a european blade since it is made in japan. Timo boll ALC is basically the same blade as Viscaria, Fan Zhendong ALC, Lin Gaoyuan ALC, etc.
  2. Timo Boll ALC + H3 3 neo provincial 39° Blue Sponge on FH and boosting before testing or after

    So you are asking whether an Outer ALC blade plus H3Neo work good together? This is the main combo of most Asian Pro's so there is definitely nothing wrong with the combo. You currently play with an even faster blade and also a faster rubber with close to same sponge hardness, and since you are...
  3. World Cup 2024

    Not that a huge difference compared to say the ATP tennis tour. - 4 Majors - 9 ATP 1000 - 1 ATP tour finals But I guess the tennis players have also complained over the overcrowded schedule and injury risk ...
  4. Pro talks About Why He doesnt discuss his equipment

    Definitely! Especially when they lure their captives in with club discounts and events and give aways from time to time also ;)
  5. Pro talks About Why He doesnt discuss his equipment

    Stiga has a showroom in Stockholm where consumers can come and try out pretty much all their blade and rubber combos. Really great way to find out what works for you without EJ'ing through the full range.
  6. Stiga Inspira Hybrid Carbon

    I have heard that the blade is made in Sweden, but the carbon layer is made in Korea.
  7. Dynasty Carbon and ZJK ALC speed? This review cover all you are asking for. The lab measurements clearly state Butterfly outer ALC blades are faster (than Dynasty Carbon) both for shots hit with moderate force as well as for shots hit with more force,
  8. Cybershape Carbon

    ttgearlabs also measures cybershape carbon higher than the butterfly outer-ALC blades
  9. The Dark Side is getting more and more tempting...

    I have experience of playing both backside, anti, LP and SP. I used to play a lot when I was a junior and the ball was 38mm. At that time there was even more spin involved in the game. With the 38mm ball I found anti and LP work quite well. You would have even more spin reversal. With the...
  10. Downgrade blade back to all-wood?

    Another route could be keeping the inner carbon blade but go for a tacky rubber with harder sponge. Your serve receive will improve and you will be able to produce great amount of spin. Stiga DragonGrip, Yasaka Rakza Z, Tibhar MK could be worth a try if you want to do some EJ. :)
  11. A good downgrade from Fan Zhendong ALC?

    If you struggle with serve receives, then a tacky rubber with harder sponge will help. Glazer 09c is excellent for servic receive, but quite slow on other shots as well. I find Stiga DNA Dragongrip similar at being good for serve receive, but having more speed potential.
  12. Setup Questions

    Really interesting stats in the spreadsheet! Especially the catapult effect is really good the study. Some number are a bit strange though. For instance: - Rozena is Butterfly's hardest rubber - Yasaka Rakza Z Extra hard being softer than regular Rakza Z - Butterfly SuperAnti, which is super...
  13. Setup Questions

    You could go for Glayzer09c for your backhand. It is quite a lot slower, but that is what you need to build up the confidence to use proper BH technique also in matches (as you describe, your BH is much better in practice). Your FH is good, go for Dignics on the FH.
  14. Stiga Inspira Hybrid Carbon

    I have heard the inspira hybrid carbon is assembled in Sweden, but the composite carbon is sourced from Korea. But I can remember wrongly.
  15. Stiga Inspira Hybrid Carbon

    I have played with both Inspira Hybrid Carbon and Timo Boll Spirit (kind of same as TB ALC). Not with same rubbers though, so the comparison is not perfect. My feeling though, is that Inspira Hybrid Carbon is firmer/stable but has a bit more dwell than TB Spirit. Similar speed. I prefer the...
  16. Can somebody compare Stiga Carbonado 90 and 145?

    There is a very thorough test made on Carbonado. There you can see how all the Carbonado models compare to eachother as well as compare with other well known blades.
  17. Two new Cybershapes from Stiga (Clipper & AC)

    Well Alser blades have been discontinued and they have been trying to empty the shelves for a long time. Regarding the pricing there are several brands that sell all wood blades around 100 EUR and above: - Victas SWAT Power - Victas Koki Niva Wood - Butterfly SK7 But sure, I agree 70-90 EUR is...
  18. Two new Cybershapes from Stiga (Clipper & AC)

    Actually the new CS blades are not that expensive, AC and Clipper are priced at 70 and 90 EUR in the Stiga online shop.
  19. Two new Cybershapes from Stiga (Clipper & AC)

    AC and Clipper are their bestsellers. Makes sense to have them in Cybershape as well. Also good to have a blade which is speedwise somewhere inbetween (Clipper), Cyberwood and Cybercarbon.