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  1. Penhold Blade Unusual Weight

    Good to hear ! And I can't imagine this cheap premade blade is good and what would be when I buy yeo
  2. Penhold Blade Unusual Weight

    I think my older one was having smaller handle than this but this one body is heavier than my old one
  3. Penhold Blade Unusual Weight

    Yeah and currently I am trying to control the wrist swing and maintain that control but this premade blade is quite good I must say !! It's 7ply with idk what wood but it got more power than my old one
  4. Penhold Blade Unusual Weight

    So I have this premade blade DHS 4006 which i installed a gki hybrids power and back hand is a pimp rubber which I will later change but I realised the blade weight is unusual . The handle weight is les than the body part and when I stroke it giving me extra power to fast swing but hard to...
  5. Penhold Blade Review

    Hello which is better stiga off nct chpen or Yeo chpen
  6. Penhold Blade Review

    Oh yes I just remembered how bout stiga off nct chpen I heard there a sealing nct thing that wears off over time and diminish it's performance ? How that's blade compared to yasaka Malin eo
  7. Penhold Blade Review

    Am talking bout commercial one and tt11
  8. Penhold Blade Review

    Ty for info ????
  9. Penhold Blade Review

    Btw is DHS hurricane 3 neo with backhand DHS goldarc5 good combo ?
  10. Penhold Blade Review

    Thanks man I will I also think Malin extra offensive is a good saving Btw is tabletennis11 legit ?
  11. Penhold Blade Review

    Bruh after everyone said it's not good or too fast u again ???? idk am more confused now lol
  12. Penhold Blade Review

    Lol I guess I should get yasaka Malin eo chpen with forehand (DHS hurricane 3 neo commercial) and backhand (DHS goldarc 8)
  13. Penhold Blade Review

    Intensity goes beyond 100$ what bout DHS h301 ?
  14. Penhold Blade Review

    So it's good for far from the table play too ? I like Malin extra offensive too I meant power play topspin rally n all
  15. Penhold Blade Review

    Lol believe is smth else I also believe it's good but it's my first blade so I want to make sure that's it's good
  16. Penhold Blade Review

    I really liked yasaka eo chpen but I saw when Malin used it he didnt do much mid distance loops and topspin And I like more of topspin game as mid distance and when I saw Malin using it it didn't have the mechanism for far off the table play It's just my perspective did u ever used Malin...
  17. Penhold Blade Review

    Bro I thought to buy my first equipment I wouldn't say am new to penhold because I been playing casually with penhold since childhood but yes recently since last year I have been playing seriously and am more of a xu xin playstyle guy and I love topspin forehand play my current equipment is...
  18. J

    Hello am sorry to bother you but I was thinking to buy eternity VPS v chpen can I saw ur having...

    Hello am sorry to bother you but I was thinking to buy eternity VPS v chpen can I saw ur having it can u tell me ur experience
  19. Penhold Blade Review

    Hello guys I saw stiga eternity VPS v chpen which have good features did anyone use it or can give me a good review bout it