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  1. Major League Table Tennis (MLTT)

    absolutely incredible draft today. cant believe some of the new additions to the MLTT roster. almost hard to believe but at this point you can simply expect MLTT to deliver big time every time
  2. Daily Table Tennis Chit Chat

    its through the ITTF Americas app... it is $15 for the full tournament. for today, kanak's semi and women's semis and then the first set of finals.
  3. Daily Table Tennis Chit Chat

    Kumar vs Santiago Lorenzo (ARG) in the first men's KO final for one of the spots in the Olympics! This streaming service is a real pain though and most of the matches that go the distance are cutting off early among other problems. Still worth the $15 though I guess if you want to see (some of)...
  4. Daily Table Tennis Chit Chat

    it is viewable through the ITTF Americas app, $15 for the 4-day coverage
  5. Daily Table Tennis Chit Chat

    there is a paywall to watch ITTF Americas qualification? seems odd.
  6. Saudi Smash 2024

  7. Saudi Smash 2024

    well patrick, lets see what you are made of...
  8. Saudi Smash 2024

  9. Saudi Smash 2024

    incredible start...
  10. Saudi Smash 2024

    love the timing of this event!!! we need a monthly Saudi Smash, make it happen WTT!
  11. Was it a mistake? Should Franziska have been picked for the Olympics?

    not sure, but i think franziska is determined to make it seem like a big mistake.
  12. Saudi Smash 2024

    this is crazy. harimoto can't deal with felix's backhand attacks and he can't get the ball past felix's forehand
  13. Saudi Smash 2024

    harimoto vs felix about to start, excited for this one
  14. Fitness Workout for Table Tennis

    i think some understated benefits of additional exercise for table tennis are increased endurance for long tournament days/weekends, injury prevention, and addressing the imbalances created from playing a highly-repetitive game centered around a dominant hand/side. some grouping/variations of...
  15. Saudi Smash 2024

    for me, Fraser does a pretty good job and offers different insights. he overdoes it on the descriptive language sometimes though but its funny most times
  16. Saudi Smash 2024

    incredible from Jang!
  17. Is D09c bad for brush-looping?

    ive had similar feelings with 09c, pretty unique rubber so just needs more time and commitment to get a good hold of imo. i plan to go back to it someday but rakza z is easier for me to control overall. struggled to play in between type balls with 09c in matches (both responding to and making my...
  18. Major League Table Tennis (MLTT)

    MLTT Championship weekend is about to start! Semi-final #1: Bay Area Blasters (West) vs. Princeton Revolution (East)
  19. Major League Table Tennis (MLTT)

    Incredible developments... "PRINCETON, NJ, April 23, 2024 – Coming off the success of its inaugural season, Major League Table Tennis (MLTT) today announced the signing of an exciting group of new athletes, led by Liam Pitchford and Debora Vivarelli, for the upcoming 2024-25 season. The...