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  1. Felix Lebrun Verity of service
  2. How do you remove the glue from sponge the best?

    I find using Tearmender as shown in this video the best way to remove old glue and have the sponge be as close as possible to when it was removed from the package
  3. Who's your favorite tt retailer?

    Since Darker has become my blade of choice, I’ve been using Nishohi and Tabletennis11 as they are the two primary distributors for Darker. Taku at Nishohi is a super nice guy and very helpful and attentive. Their prices are somewhat lower even after including shipping. TT11 is the best source...
  4. Should I sell things to TTD that are niche to get

    You live in the US and were able to buy from ?
  5. So tired of tt shoe sizing!!!

    I thought the same and bought a pair of Yonex Power Cushion Comfort Z3. Only wore them once. I found the uppers stiff and the midsole hard. Didn’t feel like a comfortable or agile shoe.
  6. So tired of tt shoe sizing!!!

    I just had the same experience. I wear a size 11.5 and my everyday Hokas in that size fit fine. I’ve been using the discontinued Hoka Evo Carbon Rocket racing flat to play in because of its low stack height. I wanted to get a proper table tennis shoe. Size 11.5 in a table tennis shoe isn’t that...
  7. ITTF World Team Table Tennis Championships Finals Busan 2024

    Thanks driversbeat!🙏 I thought I had gone through the women’s teams but I guess I missed Malaysia. She’s currently ranked 438. Kudos for your keen observation!👏
  8. ITTF World Team Table Tennis Championships Finals Busan 2024

    Penholder enthusiasts likely recognized the top ranked three men’s and three women’s penhold players at Busan: Felix Lebrun, Dang Qui, Wong Chun Ting and Xiaona Shan, Fu Yu, Xia Lian Ni. I was looking at this YouTube video that showed players practicing prior to the start of the competition...
  9. WRM TV visits Korea Highlights 2024

    Good to see penholder representation! 👏 And two things especially- Most were Jpeners and everyone including the Cpener played single sided/traditional backhand! ✍️💪
  10. Cleaning jpen cork paddles upkeaping

    I have used a mild solution of a natural plant based all purpose cleaner and also used rubbing alcohol and water. If your cork isn’t excessively worn, these can help make it look fresh again.
  11. Darker Products

    Hoping some others will spot this and maybe chime in with some info
  12. Darker Products

    Thanks. I’m happy for the companies that honor and support Jpen!
  13. Darker Products

    I’m a single ply hinoki Jpener. I know of no other company that offers as many Jpen blade models- both single and multi ply. Because I feel like Darker honors Jpen and because of their reputation for quality, I’m also a Darker aficionado
  14. Darker Products

    I’m getting a sense you’re also a Darker enthusiast
  15. Darker Products

    Thanks. Yes, I was fortunate enough to snag a couple of the square Darker racket cases from Nishohi while they were still available. I’ve also gotten a few of my Darker Jpens from them. You’re right. Taku is a super nice guy. Very friendly and attentive. I’ve had a few email conversations with...
  16. Darker Products

    Thank you. Yes, I had seen that also but I neglected to mention it in my initial post. It’s interesting what Pandani has; it seems to be a collaboration. Though I’m not aware of Darker mentioning it on their website. Still, what I’m looking for are any non-blade products they offered in earlier...
  17. Darker Products

    Thanks, but I’m already aware of their website and their current product line. I’m looking to learn about any older products they might have sold other than blades.
  18. Darker Products

    Calling on any and all who have been involved in the sport over the years and may be knowledgeable about Darker products. It’s well known that Darker is primarily a manufacturer and seller of blades. I’ve found that they used to sell a range of blade rubbers that’s now limited to just two pips...
  19. Supplements to stay healthy and improve your game

    I imagine we’re of the same generation. Full vegan here along with a (primarily whole food) plant based diet. Honey is for bees, not us. And personally, I’ve never seen a bee play table tennis, even when I set out a miniature table and rackets- but in fairness that might have been because the...