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  1. Long Life to Hybrid Rubbers 🏓 🙌

    I tested Bluestar for one month. And then, back to DNA DG. No more testing. More tournaments are coming soon and Nationals in July. And I need to keep the consistency with the same stuff at this point.
  2. Long Life to Hybrid Rubbers 🏓 🙌

    50/50 Better players blocked me easier with the Hybrid because my ball is not loaded with heavy spin like DNA DG. With players at same level or lower I beat them easier, making strong shots with more speed. Because of that, I said 50/50. But that's my experience. What I learned is that I don't...
  3. Top 10 Blades. Do you agree?

    I was waiting ✋️ for the Goon Squad to show up here 😄 🤣
  4. How does paddle palace come up with their rubber speed/spin ratings?

    I really like this comment about Magnus effect and speed/spin ratio @brokenball I tested 2 rubbers "Sticky / Hybrid" with the same blade. The Magnus effect and speed/ratio in the Sticky Rubber "DNA DG" is just right for me, compared to a Hybrid Rubber "Bluestar A1". We're not calibrated...
  5. Long Life to Hybrid Rubbers 🏓 🙌

    I was doing Warm-Up with Otto for half hour. Such a nice guy. They were thinking to play best of 3 or 5 points, but the place was too crowded so they just decided to play only one point 😄. By the way, we recorded like 6 months ago.
  6. Long Life to Hybrid Rubbers 🏓 🙌

    I have spent more time with it and playing with different players. I noticed that Bluestar A1 is more spin-incoming sensitive than DNA DG. And compared to a sticky rubber, I felt that I gained more speed than spin. I'm not saying that's bad depending of the game style. But for some know players...

    Hey @Dan you also made a nice performance there 👌 Nice tip about wrist-legs synchronization 😉 I've been doing some testing with that one too.
  8. Long Life to Hybrid Rubbers 🏓 🙌

    Haha maybe I have to do a collaboration with some manufacturers 😅 A fun fact is that after a week of testing. I said myself let's try with 1 or 2 layers of booster. Booster didn't make any improvement to the rubber. Just straight from the package works fine. Finally a rubber "No Booster...
  9. Long Life to Hybrid Rubbers 🏓 🙌

    Hi @IB66 , I tried the rubber BG C2 in a training session. Similar thoughts like your comment, low tackiness, softer feel than D09c but longevity is not too good. Let's see how this hybrid rubber does. Only 2 weeks testing it !
  10. Long Life to Hybrid Rubbers 🏓 🙌

    You're right. Topspin shots were loaded. We were training some half long serves + footwork On that video I used long swing, but we were training short and faster swings too. Material is important, but not as much as training a proper technique
  11. Long Life to Hybrid Rubbers 🏓 🙌

    It's slightly tacky, but grippy. I like the high "throw angle" and the gears. Sometimes I keep the ball pretty short or I can make a deep and powerful shot. I think this rubber fits my game :) I have problems with the touch/feeling with H3. I knot that's personal, but I prefer to feel the ball...
  12. Long Life to Hybrid Rubbers 🏓 🙌

    Talking about the new Hybrid Rubber "Donic Bluestar A1" 😍
  13. Long Life to Hybrid Rubbers 🏓 🙌

    For me DNA DG is similar to D09c Bluestar A1 is faster than both for sure Easier to make strong shots and a little tacky I tried D09c, DNA DG and H3 Neo before. With this Hybrid Rubber I fixed the problem using Booster 😍 Of course, 2 weeks is a short period but let's see how it goes in the...
  14. Long Life to Hybrid Rubbers 🏓 🙌

    I've been training for almost 2 weeks with Hybrid Rubbers. Andro? No, Tibhar? No 🙌 Donic Bluestar A1 I don't miss DNA Dragon Grip anymore. Max on FH and 2.0 on BH. No booster + Cybershape Carbon. Only making good memories now. The rubber has a long high arc. It felt like DNA Dragon Grip with...
  15. Most bizarre table tennis match ever?

    I thought Noshad was a bit injured because He avoided too much is "Lefty Forehand" 😄. With this guy, you have to explain what Forehand or Backhand. Technically He has 2 FH and 2 BH. Amazing 👏 I hope He can keep giving surprises on this Tournament. What a Warrior 🙌 🥳 👊
  16. Backhand rubbers? Is d09c too much for a beginner-intermediate player?

    I used D09c for almost a year on both sides with Stiga Dynasty Carbon. And then, I made a testing to DNA Dragon Grip just for fun. And I figured out, how similar are both rubbers. For a penhold player, each gram matters because of the grip, unless you have a bulletproof wrist. After sometime, I...
  17. NEW Stiga Mantra Pro

    Hi Diogo, "This is just my personal preference". I learned that I don't like rubbers with "low throw angle". DNA Dragon Grip is "high throw". What I didn't like of Mantra Pro is its low throw angle. I tested it for my Backhand and I had to compensate a lot with my wrist to put the ball in the...
  18. FZD - will he rise to the top?

    But you have to give the credit to the other player too. Cho played a smart game. Maybe FZD didn't play his best, but it doesn't matter. To keep consistency always at 100% is impossible, because we're humans. And Cho played amazingly well 🙌 🏓 I have to watch that match many times, too many...
  19. Are you a TT-pro ?

    Hi @Tony's Table Tennis 😄 I just wanted to see @lodro 's reaction responding "Yes" 😆 I'm a Full-Time Engineer. And I'm training when I have time. California is expensive and getting income only from Table Tennis is complicated.