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  1. Why are pro players only using DHS and no other Chinese style rubber?

    Imo friendship B2 is definitely comparable to h3
  2. Why are pro players only using DHS and no other Chinese style rubber?

    Nowadays many players from asia are using Chinese rubbers on their fh. But it seems like everyone is only using DHS (especially h3). I tried many Chinese rubbers (not H3 national though) and I don't think the differences are that big. So is H3 national really just the best option for Chinese...
  3. Best Setup for chop blocking

    I'm talking about the chop block that is used by koki niwa, ma long,...
  4. Best Setup for chop blocking

    Hey guys, I want to implement chop blocking into my game because I think it could be really effective at a lower level. I know that that shot is mostly influenced by the technique that is used and not by the rubber. Either way I would like to know if there's a type of rubber which let's you...
  5. Wrist pain

    Okay, thank you very much. I think both rpb and normal BH do rely on the wrist. I will try your exercise, hopefully it helps
  6. Wrist pain

    Hello guys, so I had a tournament 2 weeks ago where I had to stop playing because I had wrist pain whenever I wanted to do a backhand stroke. The pain is located on the side of the pinky finger and my wrist is a little bit thicker than my non injured wrist. I know that this is a common injury...
  7. Why do only Chinese players use DHS rubbers?

    So i know that most Chinese pro players use Chinese rubbers, especially hurricane 3. My question is why do non Chinese players not use DHS? I've read that the technique is different between European and Chinese players, but I think as a pro player you could adjust easily to new techniques. Is...
  8. Friendship 729 battle 3

    Ok, thank you very much
  9. Friendship 729 battle 3

    Oh ok interesting, ty. Where did u get that information?
  10. Friendship 729 battle 3

    Hey guys, the new battle 3 was teased for multiple years. Now it seems like it was officially launched because you can buy it on AliExpress. I'm a huge fan of the battle 2 prov blue sponge so I want to know if anyone played with the B3. I would love to receive some more information about that...
  11. Zhu Yi Equipment

    Hey guys, In the past days I really enjoyed watching "the best amateur player" Zhu Yi. I really like his technique and overall playing style. I noticed that his FH rubber doesn't have a blue sponge. I thought every pro (or semi pro) is using the h3 national blue sponge but Zhu Yi obviously...