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  1. Next Steps with TT equipment

    I’ve been playing table tennis like an addict for about a year now (played a little when I was a kid as both my uncle and dad play at a high level). I’ve been using the Stiga classic evolution for most of this time as it seemed like the right blade to develop my technique with and I don’t really...
  2. Advice please: 7-ply all-wood blade for my son

    I doubt the handle will be big enough on the Korbel. I played with the 5-ply anatomic and that was a good fit for me and my hands are relatively small.
  3. Allround classic vs Allround Evolution

    I’m an advanced beginner trying to move away from 5-ply Korbel to something more controlled and forgiving to help perfect my technique. What’s considered the better blade the stiga allround classic or the stiga allround evolution. I appreciate they’re pretty similar
  4. Advice to improve my game.

    Try putting your right foot back when playing a forehand, you need to be side on when playing a forehand as most of the power comes from rotating your body. Not your arm.
  5. HELP!

    Hi all, I played table tennis on and off in my early teens but never committed to it. I'm 18 and I started playing again early last year and have fallen in love. I currently play with a petr Korbel allwood off; I don't have any particular issues with the blade but as its the first blade I've...