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  1. Is my racket good?

    Enjoy your blade mate! Its fine! I you fall in love with the sport you can change equipment later on, have fun!
  2. New Bat - What Should I Get - DHS

    How long have you been playing? Do you play in a club with a coach? How often do train? Whats your forehand like? What do you struggle with etc backhand openings?!
  3. T19 or D64/80 as a BH?

    D80 is freaking fantastic, much better than D64. Go for it!
  4. Inner blades about 85g suggestions?

    Harimoton ALC or Innerforce ALC both can be orderd as 85g. Harimoto ALC have a little bit bigger head som an Innerforce ALC is what you are looking for, great blade IHO.
  5. Pro players when they were young

    Stina Källberg 10 years old Felix Lebrun as a kid! Timo Boll
  6. Actual sponge hardness? Hybrid MK etc

    Hi! How come for example Hybrid MK (48) or Tronix ACC (47'5) feels so much softer than the stated hardness? I know that the top sheet i softer then for example Fastarc G1 (47'5) and older generation rubbers with thicker top sheet. But I feel that the sponge i softer as well. Enlight me please! /C
  7. How much training and how to train to become a professional?

    Also in Sweden a lot of group training combined with one on one and multiball for speed.
  8. Dignics 80 and Tenergy 05 alternatives

    D80 is not similar to Tronix acc. ZGR is more similar.
  9. Blade Recommendation for BH dominant player.

    Yes I agree with you. If OP can´t do 10 FH loops in a row for exampel then a Vicaria wont help. I say buy a Yazaka Sweden Extra or maybe a Appelgren Allplay with Rakza 7 on both sides and start practicing your forehand. TT will be even more fun!
  10. Dignics 05 on a offensive 5-ply wood blade?

    Ok, maybe we have to go for Tenergy route insted of Dignics. I guess T19 will be alright on a Cybershap Wood.
  11. Stiga DNA Platinum M vs DNA Hybrid M?

    Platinum M is faster. Hybrid M spinnier and has more control. Hybrid M feels harder.
  12. Dignics 05 on a offensive 5-ply wood blade?

    Hi all! Does Dignics 05 pair well with a Cybershape Wood or other offensive 5-ply wood blades? /C
  13. Which cleaner do you like?

    A few drops of water and wipe of with a sponge. When the rubber is 6-7 weeks old I also use Rev3 Rejuvinator once a week.
  14. FH Ruber?

    Just buy Joola Tronix ACC it´s what you looking for. Super spinny, high arc, not to fast, lots of control. 47'5 but feels softer. Just buy this rubber its amazing and with grippy top sheet that lasts.
  15. Tricky question about a head heavy Cybershape Wood!

    He have been playing with the Cybershape Wood for two weeks now. He thinks the blade is great now, it only took three training sessions for him to get used to feeling of the new blade.
  16. What is the best ESN Hybrid rubber for FH?

    Yes, and I can´t explain why. The harder A1 sponge works so much better with the Bluestar topsheet. A2 and A3 are Ok but nothing special. Bluestar A1 isnthe best Donic rubber in a long time.
  17. What is the best ESN Hybrid rubber for FH?

    Donic Bluestar A1 is superior to K3 etc. A2 and A3 are more meh. But A1 is amazing!
  18. Recommend me a super slow control oriented setup , for someone who basically just puts everything back ?

    I agree with this! Appelgren Allplay with Nittaku Factive!
  19. Beginner Friendly Hybrid Rubber
  20. Beginner Friendly Hybrid Rubber

    Donic Bluestar A3 or Xiom Vega Pro H (Hybrid).