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  1. Swedish Open 2016

    Fantastic, looking forward to that review. I see Liam has shaved his head so he can move faster. Fortunately nature is doing the same for me and as a consequence I can now move as fast as a scalded snail. Good Luck Liam, maybe you will make it to Bristol some day to show us your awesome skills.
  2. Swedish Open 2016

    Rooting for Liam. Dan, you gotta find out if Liam is still talking with a German accent, or has it now changed to a French accent!? Also find out how he developed that backhand so you can come back and teach it to everyone in Bristol. Have fun and post some photos.
  3. 2013 world TT women's Attack-Chop competition

    Well I could try wearing a dress, but I think I'd have to wax my legs first, and that would be just too painful.
  4. Tightrope Table Tennis

    Check this out TT fanatics... (Now where is that old washing line I had)
  5. Table Tennis Music Video (Ping Pong Fight Club)

    Sympathetic depiction of the Englishman (not). Needs Ma Long to walk in at the end and cane them all. (Actually my dog could cane them all) Thanks for your first post and welcome to TTD :)
  6. Backhand vs Forehand (VIDEO)

    Forehand because it bounces/almost rolls across the table and is therefore unreturnable and an absolute winner against anyone even Ma Long. (Backhand bounces once and therefore could be returned)
  7. World Veteran Championships 2016

    Awesome, gonna get Dan to train me up for Las Vegas 2018. Urr...Dan....Dan...yes I know I am jerky as hell...well what if I am overweight...go on Dan...Dan...well sometimes I see the ball pretty well as long as its not too far away - and as long as its not too near....don't say no...I'll buy...
  8. Can an App improve your Table Tennis? Interview with Brett Clarke from ttEDGE

    It would be interesting to know whether there is any correlation between ability to do well on the App and ability to play TT. Do pro level players out score amateurs, is there a regression line correlation between playing level and App scores. I guess this needs to be based on first time/first...
  9. How to prevent this fiddly and sloppy FH as seen in the video?

    Bastion Steger does indeed seem to have a problem. His mum has made him wear shorts that she made by cutting his long trousers at the knee. Hellfire even my shorts are not quite that long and I am 20 years older. :) :)
  10. Everybody Needs Love - Table Tennis Music Video!

    Seems Elvis is alive and well and playing Table Tennis :)
  11. Blocking - How to contact the ball

    Sorry to ask at a slight tangent, but how important is it to develop the circular type of forehand and recover and forehand motion shown in the video. I tend to recover by basically reversing the forehand so my bat, hand, arm, shoulder and torso all follow the same arc they took to play the...
  12. Blocking - How to contact the ball

    OK. Well whether you call it disguise or not, there is a slapping with the wrist going on during the shot which is totally different to the brushing of topspin. I have a team mate who is incredibly good at counter hitting topspin attacks. He always seems to hit the counter attack incredibly...
  13. Blocking - How to contact the ball

    I too struggle with forehand block against very heavy topspin attacks. I think it is a lot easier to turn the bat angle downwards on the backhand side. Last night I was at a practice session and the coach (welsh international) said that I should try to come over and actually down on the ball...
  14. April World Rankings 2016

    No man from USA in the world top 200 - population of USA over 300M. 4 men from England in the world top 200 - population of England around 50M. Answers on a postcard...
  15. April World Rankings 2016

    Congrats to Liam Pitchford entering the world top 40. (Some consolation for losing his English national title to Paul Drinkhall this year) 3 good Englishmen for the Olympics!
  16. Amazing Around The Net Roller by Hou Yingchao!

    Its kinda like a disguised chop. The player looks as though they are playing a conventional backhand topspin return but then make that movement early (before the ball arrives) and then at the last moment roll the backhand right over to contact the ball with a downward chop type movement...
  17. Amazing Around The Net Roller by Hou Yingchao!

    wow - gotta give that one a try sometime for fun. Is that what started all this chop block stuff ?
  18. Amazing Around The Net Roller by Hou Yingchao!

    That's a great subject for a thread in its own right Tinykin - perhaps you can start it up and we can doubtless get some great videos of the originators/popularisers of these shots. For my part, I might propose: Chop Block (Is that what Archosaurus describes ?) - not sure, Ma Long ? Backhand...
  19. TableTennisDaily BREAK Worlds Longest Table Tennis Rally! out than in....are you't offend....oh go on then....urmh....aargh..I SUPPOSE THE PLASTIC BALL RECORD IS STILL UP FOR GRABS...damn did I say that...where is Norrie McWhirter when you need him ? :rolleyes: