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  1. 1ST EVER International Match | TTD Team vs PingPod

    any updates on the pingpod being renovated at the ttd headquarters?
  2. Victas V15 Stiff/Limber vs Nittaku Fastarc C-1

    Idk just my opinions, also the topsheet needs to be broken in a little. It doesnt play at its optimal performance right out of the package
  3. Victas V15 Stiff/Limber vs Nittaku Fastarc C-1

    i use stiff forehand and limber backhand, i would say it definently grips less than the nittaku rubbers. stiff feels like a tenergy 05 but slightly harder and limber can be compared to 05
  4. Your Favorite Inner Carbon Blade - SURVEY

    butterfly innerforce alc
  5. Recent match I played.

    its just the threads idk how to describe it, without the black, hard carbon part
  6. Recent match I played.

    yeah, couldn't get my serve under control here, would go smoking high or super slow when i tried something else. Usually, my long serve is killer... just switched to a carbon blade too, i actually notice serve quality go down alot when theres pressure compared to my inner fiber dhs blade (no...
  7. USTTA rating v.s. expected win-rate

    hey duke, u use Triple double extra on backhand? wow
  8. Recent match I played.

    missed wayyyyy too much forehands in this match
  9. Recent match I played.

    thank you thank you
  10. Recent match I played.

    My coach told me to play short with him, but I couldn't keep it short :(, and he looped alot of my half long balls making it look like im just feeding him, hes definently stronger than me in the open game , my coach told me my inside table play was much stronger than him ( backhand flick and...
  11. Grip tape

    interesting, have you considered directly buying a blade with a larger handle?
  12. Grip tape

  13. Content / Giveaway!

    Hey guys, I run a instagram account called @tabletennisvid. It has a little over 1.000 followers now. If anyone has any cool videos, photos, ideas, please send them to me through that account. I currently have a giveaway running on the account for two new sheets of Donic Bluefire M1 MAX. Join...
  14. Grip tape

    Do you think grip tape is worth using? Does it restrict movement or feeling at all?
  15. Recent match I played.

    did you think i controlled the match in the last 2 games, my coach thought so.. just couldnt maintain my form to the end.. i led 7-4 and ended up losing 7-11.. as long as i kept the ball short, he couldnt flick or chiquita and i took my time to open with a flick. yeah sorry again about the angle
  16. Recent match I played.

    sorry, didnt think of that
  17. Recent match I played.

    i didnt, thanks tho