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  1. Anders Lind discussing illegal serves

    It's not just the illegal serve, there is also the effect on every player they play. Say one junior has hard to read illegal serves. You have three choices: 1. Lose but say nothing 2. Complain to the referee, who will do nothing and you still lose 3. Learn to cheat yourself so you have a chance...
  2. Saudi Smash 2024

    Sun Yingsha, the Scorch Trials!
  3. Saudi Smash 2024

    Spank! 11-0 first game, Sun Yingsha vs Qian Tianyi
  4. Saudi Smash 2024

    Watching the main table for the first time this tournament. Obligatory comment on how there are no spectators in the stands, most of the close VIP seating is players on their phone.
  5. Saudi Smash 2024

    He should make sure to find all the WTT officials, shake their hands and perhaps cough on them.
  6. What sealant do you use?

    So this is the general order of sealants from least likely to affect how the racket plays to most likely: 1. Hairspray (yes, players used to use this back in the speed glue era). 2. Water based sanding sealer, available but not common, probably have to go to someplace like Woodcraft in the US...
  7. What sealant do you use?

    Hairspray works, it just has to be reapplied every time.
  8. What sealant do you use?

    If you are nervous about using polyurethane or varnish you can get water based sanding sealer.
  9. World Cup 2024

    I think they are going to have an astrologer create a horoscope for each player and the one that is closest to Jupiter will get third. But don't quote me on that. 😁
  10. Post your latest EJ purchase

    I put my normal rubbers on the blade and took it out for a spin today. I can't tell the difference between it and the TB ALCs that I have been using for 10+ years. So if you are curious about an outer ALC, get this one for a fraction of the price.
  11. What books have helped you?

    Table Tennis Tactics for Thinkers.
  12. WTT 2024 feeder events

    Kanak is also stomping his foot on the serve, don't recall that from before.
  13. Post your latest EJ purchase

    I got a YINHE Galaxy V-14PRO table tennis blade 30th Anniversary Limited Edition during the sale for $25 with case. Haven't tried it yet, but it looks great. Sound of a ball bouncing on the bare wood is identical to my TB ALC.
  14. Best anti to try out

    Butterfly Super Anti is $24.49. It's easy to control and will last basically forever. Where do you buy Dignics for $25, because I want a hundred sheets!
  15. Long pips vs spaghetti-string tennis racket.

    I owned two of them back in the day. It was speed glued inverted, not long pips. You could impart more spin that was possible with normal strings. People couldn't come to net, topspin lobs would go right over you.
  16. Rubber that is insensitive to spin, does not bounce in the short game and that damping fast balls

    If you do try anti spin, they can be very, very different from each other. I have found the easiest to use and control is Butterfly Super Anti, while some of the Dr. N frictionless anti is extremely difficult to control. Basically, the more disturbing the effect, the harder to control.
  17. 2024 WTT Champions Incheon 03.27-03.31 Korea

    Ito had a coach in her corner! Or at least a coach-like person to talk to.
  18. 2024 WTT Champions Incheon 03.27-03.31 Korea

  19. 2024 WTT Champions Incheon 03.27-03.31 Korea

    Is this some sort of secret championship? No videos on the WTT app/website, nothing on YouTube.
  20. Nittaku New Products 2024

    I keep waiting for a 40+ Premium yellow ball. Not sure what happened, but yellow used to be more prevalent that white back in the day. Better visibility against a lot of backgrounds. Nexcel aren't bad but I would prefer Premiums.