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  1. Ovtcharov using a blue sponged rubber on the fh!

    Yes dima use tenergy 05 on both sides, for me he change the rubber to smash because, dima use booster
  2. Ovtcharov using a blue sponged rubber on the fh!

    dimitrij ovtcharov blade: "donic dima ultra carbon"
  3. Ovtcharov using a blue sponged rubber on the fh!

    dima use use "Donic Dima Ultra Carbon" and tenergy 05 on both sides
  4. Searching for fast Butterfly all-wood blade

    Maze Perfomance, i use this blade and many pro players of argentina use this blade, the feel is soft but i recommend this pure wood blade is incredible
  5. Butterfly mizutani jun zlc substitute

    Donic have new blades: waldner zlc appelgreen zlc or persson zlc, probably are alternative for mizutani zlc
  6. Can Someone Help Me Choose Blade and rubber Pls?

    Timo Boll Spirit, tenergy 05 and tenergy 80, for me butterfly blades have the best quality
  7. Best server in the world 2014

    Jun Mizutani - Ovtcharov - Ma long
  8. New Donic Rubbers and Blades 2014

    Donic New Rubbers and Blades 2014; Bluefire Jp 01 Turbo Bluefire M1 Turbo Persson ZLC Waldner ZLC Appelgren ZLC Donic 2014 Catalog:
  9. New Andro Rasant rubber grip and powergrip!

    New Andro Rubber: RASANT GRIP RASANT POWERGRIP Commercial of the new andro rubbers:
  10. New discussion for BH Tenergy 64 alternatives

    For me acuda s2 its a perfect rubber to carbon blades, but in wood blades, for block its very soft and little slow
  11. New discussion for BH Tenergy 64 alternatives

    Try Donic rubbers Bluefire M2 ( medium hardness good speed good spin), bluefire jp 01(medium hardness excellent spin good speed), bluefire M3(soft control good spin), Jp 03 (soft control excellent spin), acuda s2( medium soft control very good spin) this rubbers are not similar to tenergy 64 ...
  12. The best wood blade

    Butterfly maze perfomance
  13. Michael Maze 2014 Equipment

    Timo boll spirit
  14. Xu Xin's Equipment

    Xu Xin New Backhand Rubber: DHS Custom Made National Hurricane 3 (High Tension Sponge)
  15. Michael Maze 2014 Equipment

    Michael Maze: 2014 Equipment Blade: Timo Boll Spirit Forehand: Tenergy (05?) Backhand: Tenergy 05
  16. wood or carbon?

    Hi i was using zhang jike blade (composite), and the blade have a lot of power loops, and good speed, but now i change to pure wood maze perfomance, the soft feeling is incredible, a have a lot of control, for me the carbon blades should be used by players with good technique and excellent...
  17. Tibhar evolution mx-p

    What is the page of you buy the rubber?
  18. FZD is not using Infinity VPS?!

    the plys are brown like infinity vps v, but for me lookslike viscaria