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  1. W968 provincial backhand problem

    Source? I see h8 from my googling
  2. W968 provincial backhand problem

    2023 37
  3. W968 provincial backhand problem

    Have you tried H3 or H8 on backhand for the w968? Ma Long and LJK use H3 and wcq uses H8 I’m curious to know if H3 or H8 would be better for my backhand on my w968
  4. How do you minimize unassembled downtime when boosting?

    How often do you boost and how and when do you decide its time to retire a rubber instead of reboosting?
  5. How do you minimize unassembled downtime when boosting?

    I play every day, probably 18 hours a week. I see, in this case I can just use 1 rubber at a time except when completing switching, I can boost the new rubber while playing for the last time with the older rubber.
  6. How do you minimize unassembled downtime when boosting?

    I am interested in boosting my hurricane rubbers, but I wonder how do people minimize the unassembled paddle downtime? For example, would having two separate h3 rubbers, switching between them back and forth work? Like while nearing the end of the boosted effects of rubber 1, start boosting...
  7. LF: Tennirobo robot in USA

    Let me know! On the east coast of the US and very interested!!
  8. Pongfox Robot

    Can it give corkscrew serves/shots? I’m thinking about getting a used Tennirobo or this, anyone have experience with both?
  9. TenniRobo - super table tennis robot in compact size

    Where did you end up buying it from? I would totally buy one used in the states