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  1. Stellan Bengtsson Interview On Coaching Truls to WTTC Finals

    Stellan Bengtsson Interview On Coaching Truls to WTTC Finals:
  2. Fake Crowd Noises Used At China National Games

    Not sure if this is common knowledge already, but here is a blog post with several video clips documenting the use of fake crowd cheers at the China National Games to make the crowd seem more excited than it really was...
  3. Olympic Women's Finals Recap and Player Quotes

    A recap and some player quotes of Chen Meng's 4-2 finals victory over Sun Yingsha:
  4. Tokyo Olympics 2020 | Draw | Results & More

    Translation of some additional quotes from Liu Shiwen and observations by Chinese media on the mixed doubles finals:
  5. Tokyo Olympics 2020 | Draw | Results & More

    Webpage with the men's singles main bracket (final 48) and results (will update as the matches happen) in an easy-to-view manner. Women's Singles: Men's Singles...
  6. Mima Ito vs Sun Yingsha Olympic Preview

    We take a look at what to expect from a Sun Yingsha vs Mima Ito match-up at the Tokyo Olympics based on Deng Yaping’s analysis of their 2020 World Cup match:
  7. Tokyo Olympics 2020 | Draw | Results & More

    I aggregated the draw from WTT and TimeCalderano's Instagram. I've posted what I believe is the full draw on my blog:
  8. Liu Shiwen Interview on Injury Rehab and Olympics

    Liu Shiwen sat down last week for an interview with WTT on her recovery from an elbow injury and her role as the mixed doubles player and veteran women’s team member at the Tokyo Olympics. Here is an English translation...
  9. Kanak Jha Discusses Olympic Preparations, New Club, and More

    Kanak Jha sits down with Edges and Nets to discuss his new international training center in California, how training in the United States compares to training in Europe, competing with China, the Tokyo Olympics, mentally preparing for big tournaments, getting in competitive matches during the...
  10. Liu Guoliang Downplays Expectations Heading Into Tokyo

    Liu Guoliang recently downplayed gold-medal expectations, reiterated the need for mental strength, and praised the internal Chinese scrimmages for the Tokyo Olympics in a statement to Chinese media...
  11. Ma Long Discusses Olympics and More With WTT

    Ma Long recently sat down with WTT to discuss various aspects of his preparation for the Olympics, what the Olympics mean to him, and what motivates him. Original video (in Mandarin): English translation...
  12. Jun Mizutani Discusses Olympics, Harimoto, Ito, and More

    Jun Mizutani recently sat down with a Japanese table tennis reporter for an extensive interview to discuss the Tokyo Olympics, the pandemic, Tomokazu Harimoto, playing doubles with Koki Niwa as two lefties, playing doubles with Mima Ito, and life after table tennis. Original Interview (in...
  13. Mattias Falck Interview With European Youth Table Tennis Organization

    Mattias Falck recently did a short interview with Compass (a European Youth Table Tennis Organization) on his playing style and Olympic preparations. The original article in German: English translation...
  14. Identifying the Magnus Effect in Table Tennis

    Thanks for your response! I've update parts of the post. 1) The explanation I provided was similar to Wikipedia's "intuitive" explanation, and I thought it was easy to visualize, so I will leave it as is. I'm not great at physics, so I will defer to you what a more appropriate explanation would...
  15. Identifying the Magnus Effect in Table Tennis

    Wrote a new blog post introducing the Magnus Effect in table tennis to those who are unaware of it:
  16. Road to Tokyo 2020: Chinese TT Team

    I think the 2019 BoD notes ( indicate that China may still receive national association separation protections. The rationale for prop 16 is: The intent of the current rule is that players from the same...
  17. Mima Ito Discusses WTT Doha and Tokyo Olympics

    the rankings in this blog post reflect what the rankings will look like for Olympic seeding purposes if there are no more tournaments. Mima Ito will still be ranked number 2 behind Chen Meng.
  18. Mima Ito Discusses WTT Doha and Tokyo Olympics

    Yeah unfortunately I couldn't find the original interview where she made the comments on Chen Meng and Sun Yingsha. It seems multiple Chinese media outlets have written about them, but it is indeed possible that they all have the same source of wrong information. However, assuming all the...
  19. Mima Ito Discusses WTT Doha and Tokyo Olympics

    A rough English translation of some comments Mima Ito has shared with Japanese media recently:
  20. Analyzing Jeon Jihee’s Evolving Service Strategy Against Mima Ito

    My latest blog post based on some of my observations about some of Mima Ito's recent matches against left-handed players and in particular Jeon Jihee: Unfortunately, WTT Table 1 matches as...