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  1. How does the German League do it?

    To put it bluntly, you are totally wrong with most of your statement. The German state or the federal states do not pay the professional players in the German Table Tennis League. Some German national players are employed by the Bundeswehr or perhaps the police and can play their sport there as...
  2. WTT Singapore Smash 2024 3/7-3/17

    Germany will have a very difficult choice to make for their 3 olympic team and 2 single spots. I dont rate Qiu highly. He got some results, but I dont like his game. Its lacks something. He won some good games here and there, but I dont think he has the potential if everybody is prapared like...
  3. 19th Asian Games Hangzhou

    Hayata vs Wang Yidi are promised bangers. Its unbelievable what quality of balls Hayata needs to play to score and how consistently she did. Wang Yidi is amazing. You never have the feeling she is able to give away easy points. Especially with game points on the line. Well played to both of them
  4. Harimoto loses to balding Grandpa

    props to Afshin Noroozi. He almost made like zero easy errors and gave Harimoto not much speed to play with. I always felt that Harimoto has his best games against players with high speed, which he can use too. Other then that Harimoto had massiv troubles with receiving the serves.
  5. Dead dignics 09c ??

    In my experience D09C needs some time to brake in. I would assume around 8-10 hours and after it has a very high durabilty
  6. World Table Tennis Championships 2023

    well played harimoto. It was a cointoss at the end. Every set just with 2 points apart. nice sportsmenship from both after the game at the handshake.
  7. World Table Tennis Championships 2023

    other then that CIC played brilliant table tennis. I never thought she could play that good again.
  8. World Table Tennis Championships 2023

    Just judging from the clip posted here I cant see the argument for an edge ball. There might be better camera angles, but from this one it seems likea non edge hit
  9. Swapping from Harimoto ALC

    I want to swap my Harimoto ALC for a new similar blade. I play the Harimoto ALC for 2-3 years and Im quite satisfied with the blade, but I feel the urge for a new sensation. I tried the Timo Boll ALC in the past, but found it to bouncy. Maybe because of the koto layers? My movements tend to...
  10. WTT Singapore Smash 2023

    So far I was always very critical of WTT, but the production value and the different camera angles to choose from were very high quality. Props to them for listening
  11. Win a Ovtcharov ALC

    11-7 for Dima =) But lets see what his bat is gonna be
  12. Germany Cup-2022/2023 (Deutsche Pokalmeisterschaften)

    Neu ulm won both matches today 3-0. Lin and Dima had some trouble in the first game but were very strong in the second game against Düsseldorf. Match of the day was Truls against Timo. They had some awesome rallys
  13. Germany Cup-2022/2023 (Deutsche Pokalmeisterschaften)

    after kanak jha is suspended because he recently missed his third doping test by the U.S. Anti-Doping Agency (USADA) ochsenhausen will have no chance
  14. WTT Cup Finals 2022

    dang qiu vs wang chuqin was a great game as well
  15. WTT Cup Finals 2022

    I thought she had an injury at the world team championships. Thats also the reason why she didnt play in the final against china. At least I interpreted as much from a insta post of her, but my japanese is quite limited
  16. Glossy table tops in Macao ????

    I watched some games on youtube and was very suprised by the poor gameplay in multiple games too. Some players were happy just keeping the ball on the table. Between moregard and pitchford it was quite obvious.
  17. Testing Sharath Kamal Achanta's Table Tennis Bat!

    its impressive how Dan improved in the last 1 to 2 years. Its like night and day!
  18. What do you think is the best tournament ball?

    Nittaku premium and nothing else. Some other balls are playable by now, but the majority of the playerbase in my region prefer the nittaku ball. But many people underestimate how big the role of different tables and even the gyms are.
  19. Kanak Jha

    If we just talk about the stroke I strongly disagree. In my eyes his strokes and technique is clumsy and ugly. Espacially on his forhand...