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  1. DHS H3N for beginner

    I'm also a complete beginner using H3N H39 on the forehand. My experience is that I'm the only adult beginner in my club that is developing a proper forehand swing. Others got faster results at the beginning with their tensor rubbers, they only needed a wrist movement or strange hip torsions and...
  2. Can you guys see Taiwan's flag on your phone?

    🇹🇼 with a Motorola in Spain!!
  3. Korea is doing something right

    Korea's week in Otocec was pretty impressive. Cho Daeseong won in MS, Park Gahyeon in WS, Kim Minhyeok & Park Ganghyeon in MD, Kim Hayeong & Lee Eunhye in WD. It was an almost perfect tournament for the NKT, they only left the XD to others (Robles & Xiao).
  4. Beginner Friendly Hybrid Rubber

    Sanwei Gear Hyper is not tacky. A good rubber, rather grippy, but not tacky.
  5. Xiom Vega Korea Review

    My son uses a blue VK as his backhand rubber on an inner carbon blade (Sanwei CC) and he loves it, it provides an almost perfect combination of control, precision, speed and spin. I have used it a couple of times, it's really balanced and easy to play. I guess that on outer carbon or bricky...
  6. WTT Singapore Smash 2024 3/7-3/17

    It was not a problem with Xiao's spin but of consistency. Wang had two consecutive setpoints in the first game but lost them, and then she made a lot of forced and unforced errors in the second and third games. Maria Xiao is playing in a very consistent way this year and getting very good...
  7. Are French people paying attention to the French team at WTTTC 2024?

    In Europe this is not extraordinary. Where I live (a small town 35km from Barcelona) there are probably more than 60-70 clubs within a 1,5h radius. Most are small TT clubs, but many play national leagues and four of them even in the Spanish Superleague, with top players like Yaroslav Zhmudenko...
  8. Danilo Faso European Under13 champion game style

    The most important is that at least one of the parents to be a former professional player. The best kids in Spain are sons of players or coaches. All of them. The best one is a 10 yo kid whose both parents were professional TT players and are currently coaches. He is already playing the Spanish...
  9. Xiom Vega Korea Review

    My son has been using Vega Korea blue as his backhand rubber for half a year and we've noticed no shrinkage. It's a wonderful rubber indeed, fast and with a lot of spin. Backhand topspin is really easy to control.
  10. Unboosted Hurricane 3

    Interesting to see that unboosted H3 can be a preparatory step into the Dignics world!
  11. Unboosted Hurricane 3

    Thanks for sharing your views. I didn't expect that so many people is using unboosted H3, even BS. My H3 OS is not a Neo, but it's still lively enough. I usually use a mid-hard rubber like Sanwei Gear Hyper, H3 is not my main FH rubber yet, but I really like it's feeling.
  12. Unboosted Hurricane 3

    Recently,I've been using an unboosted commercial H3, 39 degrees, on my FH. I just wanted to try how an unboosted H3 felt, I expected a completely dead rubber, but I really like it. I feel it's powerful enough when you use a whole-body FH technique, really spinny and with a lot of control, and it...
  13. Aliexpress Singles Day Sale 2023

    I also got a blade order cancelled, a Stuor Long 5 which was 10€ cheaper than in other shops. The seller told me that they are out of stock, but the blade is still on the list of 11.11 sales. The refund was fast, but I lost a 5$ coupon that I used when I bought the blade. Aliexpress says that...
  14. European Team Table Tennis Championships 2023

    The final live:
  15. European Team Table Tennis Championships 2023

    Live streams here!
  16. Major League Table Tennis (MLTT)

    I share some inside info about the players perspective on this initiative. Yesterday I had the chance to talk to one of the Spanish participants in the MLTT at a tournament in the Barcelona area. He and one of my club's coaches played the RR in the same group , and after their match we talked...
  17. I used an AI code to translate any chinese subbed video

    Isaacdl, this is an amazing project, with a lot of potential among non Chinese TT audiences. I'm not an expert but I collaborate with neuronal translation experts and I know the kind of difficulties you are facing. Machine translation has improved dramatically in the last few years and it is...
  18. Donic Persson Powerplay: senso or not senso, that is the question.

    I have a V1. Due to the void handle, the weight is on the head. Coming from a premade bat and being an inexperienced player, I needed a couple of weeks to get used to its unbalanced feeling. But, overall, IMO it's a very good blade, really recommendable. I'm currently using a faster inner carbon...
  19. Suggestion needed for Jr player

    I don't recommend Jupiter 3 for a kid, It's too heavy, 51g cut (H40 version, H38&H39 should be lighter). Exactly the same impression with Sanwei CC, I love it!!