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  1. Backhand tospin against backspin

    Learning to open the game with my BH lately and my coach is telling me my paddle shouldn’t go below table, which to me is wrong.. every tutorial I’ve seen has the bar coming from below table and most pros technique also does that when topspining against underspin. I’ve read few comment from...
  2. 2024 WTT Contender Taiyuan 5/21-5/26

    Seeing more and more hook serves lately, must be something to it :D
  3. Backhand flick

    Just seen this video of a guy receving a lesson on backhand flick from a former Olympian and i wonder a few things.. I am learning to flick atm and my go to technique has been the way he hits the first flick in the video ( with a closed racquet angle ). However he is being taught to use much...
  4. Fitness Workout for Table Tennis

    I actually meant muscles aren't good in terms of size, my whole point was misunderstood and it's probably my fault, I agree with everything that's been said.
  5. Fitness Workout for Table Tennis

    Muscles weight quite a bit, can't see how having muscles in the arms will benefit a table tennis player - just look at the top players, be it table tennis or normal tennis - they all have no muscles in the arms. Then looks at them from the waist down - different picture. Having muscles don't...
  6. Fitness Workout for Table Tennis

    Arms aren't necessary, probably the opposite - muscles in the arm can do more bad than good in table tennis. Squats is the ultimate leg excercise if you have weights, if not bulgarian split squats. Honestly just youtube leg workout at home - plenty of choice.
  7. Saudi Smash 2024

    Been thinknig after being happy with my pendulum serve, should i learn hook or reverse pendulum. Most ppl say hook is easier to learn and also disguise spin..but. What Polcanova just did at 10-10 is also the reason i'm leaning towards reverse pen. Starting the serve as she is about to do...
  8. Advice on new racket

    Boll Alc has the thinner handle of them all, viscaria in the middle and then fzd alc though by not much from viscaria.
  9. Serve Receive

    Thought this video is worth sharing and if someone could type out the key points to understand it better would be greatly appreciated. Few points i think i managed to understand are: - No need to go against spin if serve is underspin - you can push with forward motiong and lift the ball...
  10. Saudi Smash 2024

    Truls gets chinese again, tough luck for him last few events..
  11. LEGIT?

    I wear between medium and large and got myself the biggest size they offer - fits me nicely.
  12. Ovtcharov ALC

    I wonder.. would a lighter or heavier blade negate the head heaviness of a blade? My option for the blade is at 94g which is pretty heavy lol
  13. World Cup 2024

    Seems so, yeah. Could it be only the handle? Blade Size looks bigger than viscaria maybe, but then i think not as thick as the ovtcharov alc
  14. Ovtcharov ALC

    As someone suffering from EJ i am looking to try another blade and it's the Ovtcharov ALC. The sick design doesn't help in avoiding that too. Anyway.. I've read it behaves very much like most outer alc blade (such as boll alc and viscaria ). Few questions however... How head heavy is it ...
  15. World Cup 2024

    Anyone know what blade did Kallberg use? Supposed to be Ovtcharov alc , but doesn't look like it.
  16. World Cup 2024

    Man.. do i wonder what was it on ML's flicks that made WCQ hit so many nets. The one at 0-3 and 12-12 for example. So unusual to do so many mistakes from any top chinese player, let alone WCQ.
  17. - any experience?

    Got a package from Prott, but it's held with customs. They need declaration and bank statement. All good but the real price is way above the one that prott sent it as ( they told me they sent it with value of 30 dollars ). In the declaration i also need to put the value of the package.. so which...
  18. - any experience?

    How long did you wait for it to be shipped? Been 4 days for me already.
  19. Rakza Z to Tenergy 19 for BH?

    Interesting.. D05 and T05 doesn't feel fast on HL5 but 09c and other tacky and even slower rubbers are generally recomended for HL5. Wouldn't that make it even slower? I do know 09c is faster on power shots, but wouldn't that make slow and medium shots really bad?