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  1. Looking for an ‘all wood alternative’ for Viscaria

    Sanwei Fextra (similar handle) is a good option. I know it's not a Koto blade but made for the same playstyle. If you really want a slower blade, Tibhar Alexis Lebrun All+ is perfect (koto allround blade)
  2. Beginner Friendly Hybrid Rubber

    Bluegrip S2 (42°), you can't find better ESN Rubber (german). But with chinese rubbers, you will find harder hybrid with slower tensor effect, that can be interesting too
  3. Seeking Equipment Advice for Rapid Improvement in Table Tennis

    The problem with Tibhar STPW is the weight and dimensions, Xiom Offensive S is a good alternative ? Can you give us exemple of "medium speed rubber" please ?
  4. Copy of Viscaria - The miracle recipe

    You said it all... I understand that they want to help me and share their good discoveries. But if I post this topic it is precisely because despite our numerous tests and our personal opinions, we want to learn from others and find a fair equivalent among the brands we have listed. The goal...
  5. Copy of Viscaria - The miracle recipe

    Without saying too much, the problem is not sponsorship, but when you represent a reseller, you have to play with the equipment it offers. Imagine the boss of Butterfly playing with a stiga blade... Same problem 😁 So yes, we can't play with other brands, and we don't want to do it, especially...
  6. Copy of Viscaria - The miracle recipe

    The problem with the Stradivarius is the handle. In my opinion, the Xiom 36.5 ALX and Tibhar Drinkhall Powerspin Carbon are the closests, but we are open to other alternatives 👍
  7. Copy of Viscaria - The miracle recipe

    The question is not why he can't play with Butterfly and how to get around this constraint.
  8. Copy of Viscaria - The miracle recipe

    I don't think so... 😆
  9. Copy of Viscaria - The miracle recipe

    I think you didn't read the request 😕
  10. Copy of Viscaria - The miracle recipe

    Hello everybody ! My friend discovered Butterfly Viscaria blade and loves it! Unfortunately, due to certain partnerships he is obliged to play with brands like Tibhar, Donic, Victas, Xiom, Andro, Joola, Yasaka and Stiga. What do you think would be the most similar blade from these...
  11. Is there really a difference between ESN hybrid rubbers?

    It's easier to differentiate hybrid rubbers than Tensor rubbers. The C53 is very little sticky and looks more like a tensor. But yes indeed they are far from being very different and blindly we can differentiate them but difficult to say which would be the most efficient.
  12. Joola Tezzo Series is here !

    Mine is 85g that's why the speed is very confortable.
  13. Which brands are most popular in each country?

    Cornilleau is popular but it's the end of rubber and blade from Cornilleau. They stop the competition market. Most brands are owned by boutiques. Donic: Sport Schreiner Andro: Schoeler Micke Gewo: Contra Banco: Wack Sport etc... So that's why Banco is popular.
  14. Which brands are most popular in each country?

    Tibhar was the sponsor of the french team during long time. When the brands arrived in France, it was Tibhar who knew how to impose himself. You are talking about the Tibhar IV-L but there is even more popular: Tibhar Vari Spin. This rubber would have already disappeared without the French...
  15. Which brands are most popular in each country?

    In France : 1. Tibhar (for sure) 2. Donic 3. Butterfly 4. Andro 5. Joola 6. Banco Etc... For the first 4 places it's pretty clear, for the following ones it's more complicated and it can vary. But at least you have an overall idea of the market. Be careful, popularity does not mean sale...
  16. A. Lebrun's blade

    Lebrun's brother did not renew their contract with Butterfly at the end of this one. Tibhar is now their sponsor and the blade you see in this match is the final version of the prototype shown at the 2023 French championship. Outer Carbone for Alexis and Inner Carbone for Félix. Tibhar SK...
  17. Joola Tezzo Paladin

    Look here
  18. New Hurricane King for Wang Chuqin

    What did he said about the plastic film on the rubber ? If I understand he recommand to don't remove it ?
  19. New Hurricane King for Wang Chuqin

    Where we can find this tutorial please ?
  20. Carbon/Composite Blade with an All Wood Feel

    New Joola Tezzo Paladin All+ / Off- blade, very flexible and the carbone is very discreet. Ma lin soft carbone is a good candidate too.