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  1. Pingmaster shop

    hallo, I did the first order and I'm really satisfied, the seller is kind and aswer quickly to my emails, fast shipment and quite cheap shipping cost, after 1 week I got the pack, everything fine thank you! :cool:
  2. Decent Chinese rubbers that resemble European rubbers?

    I like Yinhe Moon grippy but no tacky, good spin and it get faster after a few hours
  3. Yinhe 980

  4. Best affordable Chinese rubbers 2019

    Yinhe/Galaxy Moon, good spin and control with medium speed, no tacky, only 14 euro
  5. Yinhe 980

    Hallo, I'm looking for a fast defensive blade, something like Butterfly Joo Saehyuk but cheaper... I found this Yinhe blade, anyone know it and can compare with the Butterfly blade? thank you!
  6. Pingmaster shop

    thank you! today I did the first order, we will see
  7. Slowest carbon blade?

    Butterfly Gionis Carbon Def
  8. Short Pips question

    your coach is right, depende what you want to do with your BH, if you want mostly defense you have to use a slow rubber with thin sponge, if you want attack you need a fast rubber with thick sponge
  9. advice, best anti spin rubber.

    I also think that Yasaka Antipower is the best antispin, you can do everythin with it
  10. Yinhe MStar review request

    why is it a bad rubber for you?
  11. Pingmaster shop

    Hallo, anyone bought from this shop? some articles have a very interesting price