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  1. What’s your most satisfying moment in table tennis?

    Serving against the side of the table and it making that metal "bing" noise.
  2. We need a new rating system for rubber

    There should be a rating system where ratings for single items are not possible. Rather users can submit comparisons between two rubbers / two blades etc., by saying which one is faster, more controlled, etc.. The system itself will then calculate ratings by those comparisons, similar to elo...
  3. Playing with non-dominant hand

    Use your dominant hand, the needed strength will come by playing, and with the correct technique you don't need much strength, only explosiveness. As you said feeling is more important.
  4. Post your latest EJ purchase

    Just ordered 4 blades with custom handle shapes from VODAK.
  5. Daily Table Tennis Chit Chat

    We had a chance to play a doubles set against Stefan Fegerl (ex european champion) and the president of the Austrian table tennis association. Here is how it went:
  6. Perceived hardness of 39 degree Chinese rubbers

    For Hurricane: The topsheet feels soft, while the sponge is hard.
  7. Youtube channel : Chinese Amateur Players

    YPP has two channels: 易乒乓YPP官方副频道 and 易乒乓YPP. There was another hidden one that started with a "—" and had 4 characters, but I can't find it anymore.
  8. Turning Tables - Discussion on Table characteristics

    Another problem is that grippy tables will lose their friction over time. You cannot make a rule that says tables have to be as grippy as X. Should every club have to purchase new tables every few years?
  9. EmRatThich says learn w/Max thickness, fast rubber?

    Of course there are differences. But nowadays pretty much every (offensive) rubber is the same in terms of speed.
  10. what type of backhand?

    Probably duraiebo = drive.
  11. Turning Tables - Discussion on Table characteristics

    I feel the same for some tables. I play really well on really oily looking, smooth tables (e.g. old Joolas), while it is more difficult for me on new Donic tables that are more grippy. The balls don't slide through nicely and I often hit the edge on my racket.
  12. EmRatThich says learn w/Max thickness, fast rubber?

    The blade determines the speed, not the rubber. Start with a slow blade and a hard rubber right away.
  13. Strength balancing training for right leg

    I have had osgood schlatter on my right knee before, now I have had knee pain inside the right knee, probably because I trained forehand too hard. I took a break for a week, but it is still a little bit there, and my body tries to avoid doing the lunge. Currently I have to play like Noshad...
  14. Softer rubber or hurricane?

    Try neo. You can still boost it.
  15. Looking for a custom setup advice

    I disagree that hurricane is not for beginners. It will teach you a good forehand topspin and not do the work for you. It is always better to learn how to drive with an old car instead of a golf.
  16. Using shoulders in forehand topspin?

    It is a matter of preference, but you should definitely learn a topspin that works without shoulder first and then think about shoulder usage.
  17. Softer rubber or hurricane?

    You should try hurricane. Buy a commercial version first.
  18. Tell me about your table tennis experiences in foreign countries

    They told me my backhand is very good, and my forehand kill shots are fast. The NR40 guy told me that i use a completely different forehand technique and it was hard for him to tell where the ball was going.
  19. Tell me about your table tennis experiences in foreign countries

    I recently traveled to Hong Kong and got a chance to play table tennis with good players there. You would think that getting to play TT is easy in Hong Kong, but you are wrong. During the pandemic, they removed all outside tables and you only get to play good opponents if you know where you can...
  20. AI Experts, can AI produce theoretical match between 2 players?

    The technology is already or almost ready to perform such tasks. It would just take long to compute. You would have to train using many many match videos of different players to make it work.