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  1. Anders Lind discussing illegal serves

    I was able to match up the two screen shots I took by matching the different colour panels on the wall: The moving (blurred) hand is about to release the ball. His hand moves in a slight arc, but I think it's fair to say that this toss is probably closer to 30 degrees than 60 (its nowhere near...
  2. Fitness Workout for Table Tennis

    I find cycling greatly aids my table tennis, particularly as I play an attacking style. Three main benefits are strong legs, cardio and agility gained from post ride stretching.
  3. Why no one plays Butterfly Tamca 5000 blades

    I used to own a Gergely Tamca 5000. It is a blocking (and looping) monster. It is great for attacking from any distance. It requires regular practice to tame/control attacking shots but I agree that it has a reasonably friendly-to-use short game. After coming back from a long lay-off it was too...
  4. Huieson 40+ Ball Versions? (D40+, DJ40+, G40+, etc.)

    I bought some of the abs balls (#1 in your list). They bounce respectably. However many of them are not quite spherical so they wobble a small amount.
  5. New Butterfly Hadraw 5

    I've had raw chicken in an exclusive restaurant in Japan (I was very nervous, but it was actually OK). I doubt 'Had Raw Chicken' is a name that would gain much traction in the market though ;)
  6. Simon Gauzy was right or wrong in that point?

    Not even Wang Liqin can curve the ball that much!
  7. Simon Gauzy was right or wrong in that point?

    At the point the ball is reaching the net, the ball is well inside the white side-line so... looks like an edge to me
  8. Should I "upgrade" my all-wood 5-ply Kiso Hinoki?

    Hi @Wrighty67 (and other owners of Vodak blades) I'm still considering purchasing this blade (Hinoki Jiri Vrablik Off) for myself. One complication to that decision is that Vodak also produce 'Hinoki Magus Off' that appears to have similar characteristics...
  9. Why do people say LP's should be banned?

    All of the table tennis community though? That would make us a very exclusive group!
  10. Why do people say LP's should be banned?

    No worries. Was not advocating for a rule change. I'm mid-fifties and still eat green berets for breakfast, with my loop drives, lobs and smashes ;)
  11. Post your latest EJ purchase

    Sanwei 75 Inner Been playing with this for ~3 months. It is my favourite blade and great value for money. Plays similar to my Yinhe Pro Feeling (both have koto outer ply). Excellent blade for controlled attack type players.
  12. Post your latest EJ purchase

    Tibhar Shang Kun Interesting blade. The most woody-feeling composite blade I have tried. Faster than I expected based on reviews read. For ref, faster than my Sanwei 75 inner (both weigh 88g, which is the sweet spot for me). Sound and feel is similar to Xiom extreme S (a fast, stiff all-wood...
  13. Post your latest EJ purchase

    Sanwei Fextra One I purchased this after being impressed with my son's original Sanwei Fextra (purchased from Aliexpress). Unfortunately it did not live up to my expectations. On the plus side it has similar speed to the original, however the wood finish is not what I would expect for the price...
  14. Why do people say LP's should be banned?

    There is nothing wrong with playing pips. Personally, I quite enjoy the challenge of playing someone that has a backhand long pip chopping game combined with dangerous forehand attack. Having been recently introduced to Deng Yaping I found the following video. What a beast. Huge respect. But...
  15. Why do people say LP's should be banned?

    @Gozo Aruna was that a generalization or a prediction?
  16. Why do people say LP's should be banned?

    I did not know who she is. Hint: the answer can be found here:
  17. Who are your top 10 table tennis players?

    Niwa was originally in my top ten. Along with Boll, Wang Liqin, Persson... so many players that make TT a beautiful sport. And Wang Yang, just for this rally alone
  18. Why do people say LP's should be banned?

    @Gozo Aruna just got reverse uno'd After 15 years of marriage and being told he is actually ghey ;) (For context, see Gozo's page 8 irreverent (but funny) post that made me spill my coffee)