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  1. Dry boosting -- safe boosting.

    Interesting. Booster oil changes the sponge chemically and this method changes it physically. I have the following concerns. Would the repeated pressure affect the elasticity or even damage the sponge? Since the pressure is applied unevenly, would this affect the flatness of the sponge? Last...
  2. Friendship 729 battle 3

    Hi Zwill, what sponge hardness you’re using and what do you think about the speed? I have been using 39 deg B3 for 5 months and with 2 layers of booster. I agree with your review and very happy with the B3. However I wish that it can be faster. Speed-wise I think it is same as T05 and slower...
  3. TT Shops in Hong Kong
  4. Using D05 for a week, it too fast and hard to control... how to use it ?

    Agree. If this still doesn’t work, try to use the D05 as BH or use T05 instead.
  5. Friendship 729 battle 3

    I have been using B3 39 ° in FH for 3 months. It is very good in spin and control but slower than rubbers like D05. The sponge also feels rather dull and difficult to hit through. However I boosted it with 2 layers of Haifa white oil last week and played it this morning. The rubber feels total...
  6. Loki Honor ALC Review

    This journey never ends because of new products coming every month or so. I am thinking to try the Victas V22 and may be the new softer Nittaku Z2.
  7. Loki Honor ALC Review

    I have been playing table tennis for more than 8 years and like many other players continuing to search the best weapon. I am now in favour of the Loki Wang Hao Honor than other blades I played such as Stiga Cybershape Carbon, Viscaria, Timo Bill ALC, FZD ALC and Super ALC, Yasaka Athelico...
  8. Loki Arthur China alternatives?

    B3 and B2BS have about the same medium low throw angle.
  9. Loki Arthur China alternatives?

    I used the 729 Battle 2 blue sponge provincial and national before. B2BS and B3 are very similar in feeling and speed. B3 has more spin because topsheet is more tacky and B2BS has higher speed ceiling. National version of B2BS is more consistent than provincial.
  10. Loki Arthur China alternatives?

    Have you tried 729 Friendship Battle 3? I am using it in FH(39 degree) and it is excellent. It ticks almost all your boxes and is only about US$30 in Aliexpress.
  11. Dignics 05 (un-)replaceable?

    I used D05 before and just tried the Z2 2.0mm for 3 sessions/8 hours last week. I agree with most comments in this topic. Z2 has similar arc and slightly faster than D05, softer sponge+rubber and easier to hit through/bottom out the blade. However spin and control is not as good as D05. D05 has...
  12. Reputable equipment suppliers that we've used as buyers

    Just to share some very bad experience with TT-JAPAN. I placed an order in mid-Oct and seller gave me a tracking # of Japan Post. As I didn’t receive the shipment in about 4 weeks and the tracking only showed that it was picked up by Japan Post and then nothing else, I contacted TT-Japan. They...
  13. Table Tennis Stores in Hong Kong?

    You can ask them by email. I haven’t been to Hong Kong for a few years.
  14. Table Tennis Stores in Hong Kong? if their websites have English,that means they can speak English.
  15. Loki Honor ALC Review

    Loki wang hao honor on sale now. Around $106 after discount, until this Sunday only...
  16. 2.1 or 1.9mm on T05H (FH) and D05 (BH)

    Would like to share some of my experiences. T05 2.1mm is quite easy to hit through the blade because of the soft sponge, so I would say 2.1mm on FH is better than 1.9mm. If your backhand is strong, you have no problem to use D05 2.1mm on BH. D05 is also very durable. I had it on my BH for more...