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  1. Advice for my new blade

    try finding one that suits your style. if you are playing near the table, try something that has enough speed but somewhat more control. Best that you use lighter blades (with lighter rubbers) so that the heaviness wouldn't affect your play. Something like the Butterfly Shiwen is good for a...
  2. the king of table tennis

    it's not about the name. it's the skills, the glory, and what's with today.
  3. the king of table tennis

    I would say it's Ma Long. Although he lacks the titles needed for the main grand slam, he made the 51 game winning streak, the time where he didn't drop a set during WTTTC 2012 and Swedish Open 2011, he has gained the most ITTF Pro Tour Titles naming him "Pro Tour King," and he has already...
  4. Your own table tennis habbits?

    I bounce the ball before serving, I constantly 'cho' every winning point, and I do what I want by enjoying.
  5. Austrian Open 2013 - ITTF World Tour

    Since Zhang Jike and Zhou Yu are out of the game, all that's left for the title (for me) is Hao Shuai OR Chuang Chih-Yuan. I didn't say ZJK played poorly, but I think his mental state was either TOO relaxed or his mind was on to something else. Remember their match with Matsudaira? I think ZJK...
  6. Austrian Open 2013 - ITTF World Tour

    Hao Shuai and ZHou Yu are my favorite for the titles. True enough Zhang Jike might get a weak spot here even if he is no. 1 seed because he loses a lot during the squad trials and the CTTSL games.
  7. Austrian Open 2013 - ITTF World Tour

    Zhang Jike is the usual favorite for the title. I'd like Zhou Yu to win this one, or maybe even Hao Shuai. Competition will look good! Too bad we won't see the same action that happened in Austrain Open 2011 in the deciding game of Zhang Jike and Ma LOng
  8. Xu Xin's equipment (2013)

    He didn't use Calibra on FH. And yes, he used Magna series before. I wonder why the pros don't reveal or update their equipment too often?
  9. Jun Mizutani boycotting boosters/tuners!

    I haven't really used boosters or tuners yet, nor will I ever use one. I just think that normal playing is good even without these stuff. I know, I know, games get exciting because of these guys, but does Timo Boll and other non-booster players do not boost and tune or even use speed glue but...
  10. Xu Xin's equipment (2013)

    Unfortunately, that was during the Kuwait Open. Xu Xin changes equipment a lot, and he already changed his BH rubber there. I don't even believe he uses calibra just for commercial purposes.
  11. Skyline TG2 NEO vs Hurricane 3 NEO

    Hey thanks for the thoughts! Unfortunately, I'm asking experience from fellow penholders, but yeah, thanks?
  12. Skyline TG2 NEO vs Hurricane 3 NEO

    Hello guys,I just like to ask my fellow penholders out there in which rubber would be more preferrable to penholders in forehand. They say that the Hurricane 3 NEO is the universal rubber, and I do quite agree, but the Skyline series is the most suitable one for penholders in the forehand. I...
  13. I just WON a XU XIN blade!

    WOW! Lucky for you. Should have joined that contest, haha! I suggest you use a DHS NEO Hurricane 3 (national may be good), but your backhand may vary. That blade is a monster! Go for soft rubbers, like STIGA Calibra LT Sound, Yasaka Mark V, DONIC Bluefire M3, or Butterfly Tenergy 05. Or may...
  14. Xu Xin's equipment (2013)

    True enough Xu Xin's blade is a STIGA Rosewood NCT V (maybe he sanded it a little but). His forehand rubber is a DHS NEO Skyline TG3 NEO (it was believed by many that skyline series are better for penholders because they have a distinguishing variation in forehand). His backhand is a STIGA...
  15. Ma Long New DHS Blade 2013

    Thanks for clearing it out TurboZ! Now I know the 2013 blade of Ma Long. He's got a nice experimented formation. It really is fully offensive type. He's got a nice choice today. There you have it folks, Ma Long's new blade is a Hurricane Long 2 with a Hurricane Hao (656) handle with a hurricane...
  16. Ma Long New DHS Blade 2013

    Hurricane Long 2 blade = still correct because of wood look. Hurricane hao handle = not so sure about that. If it is hurricane hao handle, why does the crystal handle logo look so different from the original hao crystal logo? or is it just me?
  17. Ma Long New DHS Blade 2013

    Thanks for the pictures. Unfortunately, after hours of research, I still cannot find the correct blade. The closest one you could ever base (based from the handle color and design) are:- Hurricane Hao series- Hurricane TP Off +.Almost found them unfortunately the logo by the blade is colored...
  18. Would anyone like a table tennis table in a public space in their community?

    That would be so great! You know, something like China in the streets. But too bad I don't have money to buy some from you guys. Tables are costy.
  19. Ma Long New DHS Blade 2013

    Since Ma Long is sometimes getting customed by DHS, he can modify what he wants. It can be a DHS Hao because of the handle (blue paint with yellow line and a picture of WH at the base) but not for the blade because Ma Long likes all-wood blades. Maybe he uses Long 2 for the blade or MaxiM's post...
  20. What Blade deos Ma Long and Zhang Ji ke use?

    Zhang Jike = Butterfly Viscaria FL Ma Long = DHS PG-7 currently but he sometimes (rarely) uses DHS Long 2. Trust me with this.