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  1. Tibhar K3 durability and alternatives

    That was actually on my list of possible choices as well.
  2. Tibhar K3 durability and alternatives

    Makes sense on durability as I'm training 2.5 every other day. Which works out about right.
  3. Tibhar K3 durability and alternatives

    Definitely makes sense
  4. Tibhar K3 durability and alternatives

    Hurricane is not for me. The halfway house is what I'm happiest with I think. I'm guessing I was hoping for the magic bullet answer... 😊 Orrr someone to say don't worry you can buy it really cheap here...
  5. Tibhar K3 durability and alternatives

    The Donic Bluestar A1. For me the Bluestar A1 is a good backhand rubber. Little softer feeling than K3, little easier to produce power on the backhand. K3 on FH for me has touch, spin and safety in topspin Drive, counter. Speed is good but consistency of return and depth spin quality is really...
  6. Tibhar K3 durability and alternatives

    Hey All, I'm really happy with my setup. I mean it's great K3 FH A1 BH. Now comes the issue..... I'm finding my K3's really fade rather fast. I'm training quite a bit at the moment but my present K3 is showing heavy signs of wear after 6.5 weeks. It's a great rubber, Soooo how do I give it a...
  7. Daily Table Tennis Chit Chat

    There's a European player who uses a technique very similar. Let me try and dig out the link. Its very hard to read and indeed very powerful. Come back after practice and see where I put the clip.
  8. K3 to A1 or J&H or.... for backhand

    Catapult and spring is perfect but not far off hardness of K3.
  9. K3 to A1 or J&H or.... for backhand

    Been using K3 for a time. Needing a slightly more dynamic backhand rubber. Any ideas or suggestions?
  10. Why do people say LP's should be banned?

    There's my $500 USD to add to that one. Also the higher rated league player at almost 2200 from the link or matching from tournaments. Not sure how that 2 rating works from USATT?. He's also been around that rating for.... oh wow a LONG time as well.
  11. Why do people say LP's should be banned?

    OK makes sense now. So saying Player x dislikes pimples players is an opinion is fair and valid totally. My point would be when getting a bit more serious league and match involved its fair to say I dislike pimples but I still have to find a way to win against them. I can't give up because of...
  12. Why do people say LP's should be banned?

    You can't be far off mid 30's now Blah. Those years creep up trust me!. Before you know it ... you'll be 50 and hanging in there. Those competitions, events and league matches get harder on the body then. The beer mind does seem to get easier!
  13. Why do people say LP's should be banned?

    Sorry I can't agree the LGL pips ban theory. Especially just because the equipment of a single player conspiracy. Does anyone know the win lose rate between Jo and LGL? I mean were these pips that amazing that Jo never won or any other player. I'd suggest that Jo probably lost the 2-3 times...
  14. Why do people say LP's should be banned?

    Honestly, respect totally agree. If it's a fun knockabout and it impacts on enjoyment of the members who are enjoying a recreational game. Tricky. If playing serious competition... Its having to adapt or lose. Personally try and adapt, work the problem and find a way to try and win. Pips, anti...
  15. Why do people say LP's should be banned?

    Definitely if it's a hard, ugly game of not knowing the balls spin and not being able to get past the variations caused its no fun. Same with defence. It can be like banging your head against a wall repeatedly. Once there's an executed plan things definitely become easier.
  16. Why do people say LP's should be banned?

    Understandabe 👍 everyone want's to improve. Good knocks, drilling and training partners can be tricky at that standard let alone putting in the curve ball of different rubbers as well. Fair play.
  17. Why do people say LP's should be banned?

    If you don't mind me asking.. Around what kind of level do you play? Isn't it good to learn to combat these styles?
  18. Why do people say LP's should be banned?

    lower level players will struggle against different unexpected equipment with unexpected results than they are used to with smooth rubber. There's little point of reference for them unfortunately. Like trying to understand a foreign language they've never heard. .More experienced players will...
  19. Why do people say LP's should be banned?

    If there's a gulf in standard totally agree. It's like getting in the sparring ring with a pro boxer who goes flat out. Being very high level like top 5 in the country or ex 150 in the world. No one is going to want to play against that level unrestricted. Everyone in the hall is going down...
  20. Who are the most powerful shake FH loopers of all time?

    Chen Zhibin got to be up there for pure power/speed. Bit of a throwback mind.