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  1. How to deal with short very heavy topsin

    I think if you just block with an closed angle and come closer to the so it will not get to the highest point it will be fine. If you wait for the ball so it get higher the block will get high. Most importantly is to read the spin and also not to much arm so move the body a little in forehand...
  2. Blade with more control

    But what about the rubbers?
  3. Video Footage Safe Thread

    Watched two sets. I think you rushed it to much in the second set, need to try to take time to serve and think what you are going to do. I think you can try to work on this: - if you feel good with the backhand, why do you need to play more forehand? play backhand-backhand, if you win there you...
  4. Video Footage Safe Thread

    Just watched a bit. I think you should try to work on: - learning how to make spin. Just try to make spin on the floor, how do i make downspin/topsin, sidespin? Can also put a pencil inside a ball and work on it. Then do some looping where you drop the ball on the floor, then make topsin and...
  5. The Backhand

    I would say that the movement always start from the elbow. When it looks like only wrist then they stop really early at the elbow. If you start with the wrist first you lose control and power. But i do think that many players tense the fingers, especially put pressure on the thumb. I have been...
  6. Fast blade with slow rubber or slow blade with fast rubber?

    What is the purpose of upgrading to a faster blade? think we easily fools ourselves that we are better with much faster equipment. Become better at the cool loops during warm up, but many times we lose serve, return, placement and also sometimes power since you can not put as much body in the...
  7. Comeback rubber recommendations?

    What is your level now? always better with slower in the beginning i think, as long as the grip is good and the rubber is not too soft or too hard. Either go for a rubber with built in glue effect or not, depends on the level.
  8. How to remove the glue from the rubber's sponge?

    I agree with an earlier answer. The revolution glue is great, very easy to remove. Like old speed glue on china rubbers.
  9. Rubber with good ratio of performance/longevity/price

    I really appreciate all the answers. Thanks. Do not know if its better with grippy rubber or tackiness for durability? Do you other guys also use protective sheets? I have one friend that use some revolution rubber cleaner, im skeptical. Do not want to use tacky rubbers if they get worn out...
  10. Rubber with good ratio of performance/longevity/price

    Hello! Hope everyone have a nice start of the new year. Which rubbers do you guys think have good performance but also last somewhat long with a reasonable price? I found this thread where they are discussing the subject regarding hybrid rubbers...
  11. Short review of Glayzer 09c (don't buy)

    I have used the Glayzer, find the arc pretty high, good spin while the tackiness last, not the fastest rubber and a bit hard. Much easier to use on the forehand since it is easier to get power from the bod so can stilll play pretty hard shots. Do not think we can compare Glayzer with the more...
  12. a journey of tensor and hurricane

    Maybe try a hybrid? i think tackier rubber on the forehand is good: - easier to make spin so get more safety since you get mor arc - more spin in serves - a little slower so easier to return serves and better at third ball attack
  13. What should I learn first and how do I proceed?

    I think you should start with getting a safe block. If you can block well with your new grip then good players want to practice with you. Find that young players prioritize this to little. Without a good block you will never get to practice with players better than you. Good luck with penhold.
  14. How do you deal with the float push?

    If you make sidespin in your serve it will be much harder to read the reuturn if they just hold it. Easier if you do downspin or nospin, that return will be "easier". Can also chose more what you want, sidespin with upspin and they need to flip and the opposite for sidespin with downspin. For...
  15. how comfortable are you with hard (53+) rubber on your backhand?

    Easier with the biomechanics with forehand since you use the body more. Backhand more just arm, so find it more difficult with harder rubbers. I think it works if you have the time and can play more from the hip. I remember Kreangea used Tenergy 05 fx on his backhand because it was better in...
  16. Some of my today training footage

    I have not read all the comments and only watched a minute from the first video. I think you move your forearm well but you hit out since the ball is higher and your racket is under the ball, so need to hit up to able to hit it. If you want to have your arm at the same place, a bit low, then you...
  17. Screaming during play? Illegal?

    I thought it was up to the umpire to decide when to stop the game, not the player?
  18. Going back to basics. Recommend me an ALL+,OFF-,OFF all wood blades

    Post a game instead. You look safe doing exercise. From this video i would say practice more instead.
  19. Video Footage Safe Thread

    Difficult angle. It looks like you are standing very close so the ball almost hit you, therefore standing upright with the body. If you come back a little so you can lean a bit more forward it will be easier to get power forward. The ball sometimes seems pretty high so you could hit much more...
  20. Video Footage Safe Thread

    Do not move the playing arm.